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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board Of Directors 2014As a Foundation Trust, the James Paget University Hospitals is run by a Board of Directors. It is governed by the Trust’s Provider Licence and Corporate Governance Framework. This includes the Trust constitution, standing orders and standing financial instructions. The Scheme of Delegation sets out the delegated responsibility for the performance of the Board’s functions. Ultimately the Chief Executive is accountable to the Board, as the Accounting Officer, for ensuring that it meets its obligations within the available financial resources. 

The Board provides leadership and sets the tone for the organisation. As a unitary board, the Non Executive Directors share responsibility with the Executive Directors for ensuring the resources are in place to meet the objectives set.  In an emergency powers are exercised by the Chief Executive and Chairman after having consulted at least two Non Executive Directors.

The Chairman leads both the Board and the Council of Governors, ensuring that there are effective processes in place for the Board and Governors to work together.  The process for dealing with any disagreements is set out within the Trust’s constitution.

The Board reviews its structure and the Terms of Reference of Board Committees at least annually. Since January 2014 two new Committees are in place to more effectively manage the detailed work, exception reporting to Board. These are the Finance, Performance and Strategic Planning Committee and the Academic Committee. We continue to review the reporting to Board to ensure that it meets our needs, and ensures the right information is considered.

The Board to Ward process has been refined with the arrival of the new Director of Nursing, and this ensures that Board members visit wards and clinics on at least a monthly basis, in addition to receiving staff and public stories at our public Board meetings.

Meet our Board of Directors here.