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Council of Governors

Council of Governors

Council of Governors

Governors 2016

Some members of our Council of Governors


The Trust is keen to be at the forefront of NHS Foundation Trusts. We want to ensure that Governors bring benefits to the organisation and to help them fulfil their statutory role; we want to understand what members, patients and the public need from and think of the Trust and ensure that their views make a difference to what we do.

The current Council has been in place since August 2014 and elected Governors' term of office ends on 31 July 2017. Elections will be running between April and July and once the new Council is in place, this page will be updated with photographs and information about each of the new Governors.


The role

The Council holds the Non Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Board of Directors. They also represent the interests of the members of the Trust as a whole and the interests of the public.

Talking with the Trust’s members is crucial and the Governors lead on the Trust's membership strategy. This ensures that the interests of members and partnership organisations are represented in the governance of the Trust and that information is regularly fed back about our services, our vision and performance.


How do Governors gain views?

The Council does this in a number of ways. Governors are available in the foyer of the hospital to talk to anyone, whether Trust member or member of the general public, and feed any comments/themes through to the Trust staff - this is advertised a few days beforehand.

We link with our GP surgeries through their patient groups. All our Governors are linked with a group and decide how they can ensure that our news gets to the patients, and any issues regarding our services get fed back to us.

Governors also have a network of family, friends and groups that they are already part of.

We review the way that the Council works on an annual basis. The Council currently meets six times a year with a Committee structure sitting beneath that. A review is underway, with any changes to take effect in April 2017.  We want to make sure the Council is as effective as it can be in gaining views, theming these, comparing comments with the work of the Board of Directors, seeking assurance from our Non Executive Directors and escalating any issues that the Council feels are not being considered apporpriately.

All recommendations from Governors/Committees have to be presented to the Council, as the decision making body, as powers cannot be delegated. 


Code of Conduct

Governors operate within a Code of Conduct which sets out how they should behave as a holder of public office and what is required of this role. This is updated at least every two years and each new Governor is required to sign up to the Code. 


Declarations of Interest

A Register of Interests is in place for the Council. On appointment, new Governors are required to complete a declaration and any changes during the year must be notified to the Trust Secretary immediately and formally at the next meeting.

This is reviewed annually and, in addition, at the start of each meeting Governors are required to declare any interests that may affect the papers considered.

The Register is available to read here.