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Quality Report

Quality Report

All providers of NHS services in England have a statutory duty to produce an annual report to the public about the quality of services they deliver. This is called the Quality Report (previously the Quality Account). 

Quality Reports aim to increase public accountability and drive quality improvement within NHS organisations. They do this by getting organisations to review their performance over the previous year, identify areas for improvement, and publish that information, along with a commitment to you about how those improvements will be made and monitored over the next year. 

Quality consists of three areas which are key to the delivery of high quality services:

  • Patient safety
  • Clinical effectiveness (how well the care provided works)
  • Patient experience (how patients experience the care they receive)

Some of the information in a Quality Report is mandatory but most is decided by patients and carers, Foundation Trust Governors, staff, commissioners, regulators, and our partner organisations, collectively known as our stakeholders. 

The Trust produced its first quality report in 2008/09. Our aims were set out, recognising the challenge of meeting demands for healthcare in the coming years and our commitment to deliver high quality services to all our patients.

Please click on the folders below to access the Trust's Quality Reports.



Quality Report 2016 17 pdf Download
Quality Report Summary 2016 17 pdf Download
Quality Report 2015 16 pdf Download
Quality Report Summary 2015 16 pdf Download
Quality Report 2014 15 pdf Download
Quality Report Summary 2014 15 pdf Download
Quality Report 2013-14 pdf Download
Quality Report Summary 2014-15 pdf Download
Quality Account 2012-13 pdf Download
Quality Account Summary 2012-13 pdf Download

The Quality Report is the key delivery tool for the Trust’s Quality Strategy which has been developed to ensure the recommendations from the Francis Enquiry, Keogh Reviews and others will be delivered.