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Strategies & Policies

Strategies & Policies

Five Year Strategy 2013-2018

Five Year Strategy 2013-18

The strategic plan details the future direction and strategic intentions of the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust over the next five years. It provides an honest and open evaluation of who we are, the services we provide and how we see our services changing up to and including 2018.

It is our opportunity to share with our local community how well we are currently performing. It highlights our reputation as a high quality and safe, well managed hospital. We also want to share our ambitious plans and further improvements to ensure patients receive the best possible care and attention during their time with us.

As a Foundation Trust, this strategic plan has been approved by our Board of Directors and supported by the Governors and our local commissioners. In addition, this strategic plan feeds into the Annual Plan, which is submitted and reviewed by Monitor, the sector regulator for healthcare.

For a hard copy of the full Five Year Strategy 2013-2018, please contact Ann Filby.



Five Year Strategy 2013-2018 Summary pdf Download
Five Year Strategy 2013 2018 pdf Download

Operational Plans

The Trust is required to produce a two year operational plan in line with statutory requirements set by NHS Improvement. A summary of the plan for 2017-19 is available here 


Vision and community

The Trust is undertaking work in a variety of areas which will support the aims of the Five Year Forward View. The most recent development is the local health system’s Vanguard bid. This national bid has been invited in response to the need to identify new models of care. Unfortunately we weren’t successful as a system, but we still plan to take forward the principles as set out below:

In partnership with social, primary and community care and the CCG, the Trust has expressed an interest to jointly take forwards a new integrated approach to organising how services are provided locally. This process is a key part of the Trust’s response to the 5YFW. This partnership bid seeks to:

  • Break down inter-organisational barriers;
  • Create a single pan organisational culture placing the citizen at the centre;
  • Pool resources financial and otherwise;
  • Establish cross organisation delivery teams with single operational management;
  • Reduce costs with savings shared across the system;
  • Promote greater staff empowerment to foster innovation; and
  • Foster community resilience and mutual support.

The bid states that in order to achieve this, the following aims will be delivered:

  • Roll out and expand the multi-disciplinary Out of Hospital model which has seen more people staying at home and a reduction in emergency admissions;
  • Implement a shared staffing workforce which will increase the available pool of staff, especially for providers running small staff teams, and out of hours;
  • Exploit opportunities to streamline pathways;
  • Adopt an incremental approach, increasingly combining budgets of health and social care organisations, thus maximising the spending power of the ‘local health pound’; and 
  • Increase integrated leadership roles across the NHS and local government for strategic and commissioning activities.

We are in the process of revising a number of key strategies including Quality, Site and the Trust’s Clinical strategy. We are also exploring a number of opportunities to work with strategic partners, focusing on development of the Trust’s estate and the legal and commercial frameworks involved in adopting new organisational governance models to support the delivery of care as part of an ‘integrated provider partnership’.

Other strategies & policies

Click the links below to download and view strategies and policies for the Trust.



Operational Plan 2017 19 pdf Download
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Five Year Strategy 2013-2018 Summary pdf Download
Five Year Strategy 2013 2018 pdf Download
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