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Hospital joins more than 80 NHS organisations to say ‘Hello my name is…’ - 02 February 2015

Hospital joins more than 80 NHS organisations to say ‘Hello my name is…’
02 February 2015

Hellomynameis CollageThe James Paget University Hospitals (JPUH) has joined more than 80 other NHS organisations across the country to support the inspiring social media movement, ‘Hello my name is…’

The campaign is spearheaded by Dr Kate Granger, a hospital consultant from Yorkshire who has terminal cancer. As a patient, Kate was frustrated to find that some of the staff failed to introduce themselves to her when she was in hospital.

She launched the ‘Hello my name is…’ to encourage as many healthcare professionals as possible to build meaningful relationships with their patients and visitors by always introducing themselves.

Kate said: “I firmly believe it is not just about knowing someone’s name, it runs much deeper. It is about making a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust. In my mind it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care.”

‘Hello my name is…’ was first introduced to the JPUH almost a year ago by Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Experience Liz Libiszewski with the support of Lead Nurses.

Since April 2014, nameplates have been placed near to patient beds so they can clearly see the name of the staff member who is caring for them. In addition, the Senior Sister and Nurse in charge of each shift are clearly labelled on nurse staffing charts at the entrance to each ward.

Liz Libiszewski said: “Kate’s experience has highlighted how the small things can make a big difference to patient care. We want to ensure all staff at the JPUH are fully signed up to this pledge as it is the first step to providing compassionate care and getting the basics right.”

“This includes telling your patient your name, making sure your name badge is always visible to them and introducing colleagues who are taking over an individual’s care following a shift change.”

The campaign is also discussed with all new staff as part of their induction training at the Trust.

The collective launch of ‘Hello my name is…’ will begin on 2 February 2015 and will boost the national campaign around compassionate care considerably, with 400,000 staff potentially involved.

Throughout February, the JPUH Twitter account @JamesPagetNHS will be tweeting photos of staff introducing themselves using the #hellomynameis hashtag. Staff will be encouraged to post their own ‘selfies’ to social media in order to show support for compassionate care.

You can support Dr Granger’s campaign on Twitter by sending her a message at @GrangerKate, including your name and the phrase #hellomynameis. To find about more about the campaign, visit