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Smell and Taste Clinic

Our sense of smell (olfaction) is constantly helping us throughout the day whether we’re noticing it not. The delightful aromas of lunch on its way, the smell of cut grass or flowers can put a smile on many faces.  

The scent of rural Norfolk reminds us all where we’ve chosen to live and don’t forget that your sense of smell is also a highly sensitive warning system - alerting us to danger signals such as a gas leak, supper burning on the stove or the mouldy food in the fridge. 

Losing this sense can therefore have various negative effects – whether it’s missing out on the sensory pleasures of the world around us, losing this honed warning alert or occasionally it may be a sign of more serious health problem. 

Anosmia is the term used for a complete loss of smell and hyposmia is the term used for a reduced sense of smell.  

In the UK to date there has been no specialist centre for smell and taste disorders such as can be found in many European countries and in North America. This smell & taste clinic therefore is the first of its kind in the UK.  

If you would like to be seen at the James Paget University Hospital Smell & Taste Clinic, please ask your GP for a referral and please note the following:

1. If referred, you may need further investigations and another appointment after the initial assessment with Mr Philpott; in some instances where there is clear evidence of sinus disease a smell test may not always be performed

2. Smell/taste tests may be performed on a separate visit in some circumstances

3. It is not always possible to arrange scans and other tests on the same day as your clinic appointment

4. We ask that you bring a copy of any previous CT or MRI scans with you on a disk so that we can review them ourselves; alternatively you can request that they be transferred to us electronically where possible.

5. Where possible we will try to arrange for further investigations to be performed at a hospital closer to you.

6. There is a very high demand for appointments at present and the waiting time is likely to exceed 3 months

Due to the high volume of interest, we are not able to answer individual referral queries, but recommend you discuss them with your GP.

In the meantime there are patient support websites e.g. Fifth Sense on 

To contact us:

Phone: 01493 452832

Fax: 01493 453174


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