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The Board of Directors meets in public on a regular basis.  The agenda for the meeting is timed and Board members, led by the Chair, do their utmost to stick to those timings. At times, when the discussion warrants it, we may overrun. Any questions on the papers presented are taken at the end of the meeting, through the Chair. 

There is a briefing pack available for anyone who attends, with a separate sheet for questions if there isn’t enough time to ask these or a personal answer is required. Any questions can be passed to the Trust Secretary, Charlie Helps, who will ensure that a response is provided.

The papers are available on this website on the Monday of the week of the meeting. To access papers, please click on the folders at the bottom of this page. In those months when there is no public meeting a range of reports will still be published, including those required by our contract with the commissioners. 


Meetings in public

Details of meetings scheduled for 2023 can be found below. We are beginning to return to having some meetings in person, while keeping others virtual, using Microsoft Teams.

All board meetings are currently being held at 10am (unless stated otherwise below), while Council of Governors meetings usually start at 9am. 

Recordings of the most recent public board meetings held virtually are available via the video links below the meeting folders underneath.

If you would like to join Board or Governors meetings, or our AGM, please email for more details. She will be able to advise whether you can attend in person or virtually, and send you a link to those meetings held via Microsoft Teams. 

You will be able to ask questions under ‘Questions from Governors/ the public’ section of the agenda.

Please see below for more details and meeting dates:

A list of our meetings being held in 2023. This includes public board meetings on 30 June, 28 July, 29 September, 27 October and 1 December and Council of Governor meetings on 12 July and 15 November. If you would like more information about, or to join, any of these meetings then please contact . Our Annual Members Meeting/ Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 September at 6pm. To join this please also contact Susan – via email or by calling 01493 452162.