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Who we are

Appointed Governors


Councillor Emma Flaxman Taylor  Councillor Emma Flaxman-Taylor, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

I was elected by the residents of Gorleston in May 2016 and became a local borough councillor. I then became an Appointed Governor at the James Paget.

My current committee memberships are Audit and Risk, Development Control, Housing and Neighbourhoods (Vice-Chair), Housing Appeals, Policy and Resources. I also sit on other outside bodies such as Gorleston Poor Lands Trust as vice-chair, The Neighbourhood Management Board (MESH) Gorleston, Norfolk Health Overview Scrutiny Committee and Great Yarmouth and Waveney Health Overview Scrutiny Committee. Being a Governor at the James Paget University Hospital enables me to deliver the right information I receive to all partners that I work alongside when needed to.

I am married with two children and have two pet dogs which I enjoy walking. I look forward to continue working with the other Governors to help transform the hospital together.


A head and shoulders photograph of David Beavan  Councillor David Beavan, East Suffolk Council 

I am the deputy leader of East Suffolk Council and cabinet member for Housing. I want to integrate health and housing care as the council representative on the Norfolk and Waveney ICP (Integrated Care Partnership) and Health and Wellbeing Board.

I was elected to Southwold ward in 2018. I was the first farmer to supply Waitrose with organic vegetables 30 years ago and ran the Leila Sailing Trust, a Lottery funded sailtraining project in Lowestoft, taking young people to the Tall Ships Races in the Baltic.


A head and shoulders photograpg of Councillor James Reeder  Councillor James Reeder, Suffolk County Council

Born in Bury St Edmunds, I lived in Stowmarket until I married and moved to Lowestoft. With careers in the Merchant Navy, accountancy, Waveney’s largest independent retail group and the family Nursing/Residential Home, I have also been an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.

I first became a Councillor, after being asked to stand, in May 2017, winning back the Oulton Division. I was appointed chairman of the Audit Committee and Vice Chairman of the Health Scrutiny Committee. In May 2018 I was invited to join the Cabinet with the Health portfolio.  I have always had a keen interest in Education and Business engagement and believe that early preventative intervention which ensures our children’s health and well-being must be given the highest priority.  

In order to make a difference you have to be among the decision makers and being in the Cabinet gives me that opportunity, believing my life experiences have equipped me to bring a unique perspective to the Council. I also have a keen interest in helping the Council find ways to generate new forms of income. I will bring all of this experience to the Council of Governors.


Dr Sam Chenery-Morris  Dr Sam Chenery-Morris, University of Suffolk

I am the Dean of School of Nursing, Midwifery and Public Health at the University of Suffolk.

I bring a wealth of Higher Education and practice experience as a Registered Nurse (Adult and Child) and Registered Midwife, having worked at James Paget clinically in 1992 and 1994-2003.

I moved in to higher Education in 2006 and have been a Midwifery Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor. I completed my PhD in 2017, researching student’s learning and assessment in clinical practice. I was the Academic Midwife for the NICE 2021 Antenatal Care Clinical Guideline Committee and am delighted to be working with the Trust again.


Public Governors


Ian Clayton   Ian Clayton (Lead Governor)

I have worked for over 40 years in education, 21 years as a headteacher; and was awarded an MBE in 2015. I work 60% as a CEO of an education trust and for the National Governance Association as a consultant. I have experience of volunteering in numerous governance roles and am in a mentoring partnership with the CFO of an Essex hospital trust. I enjoy all forms of music and being outside exploring the beach and the areas around our beautiful region.

Being part of this community since 1985, I want to give back to a service that has supported me and my family. My Cardiology Consultant son started work at JPH adding to my commitment to supporting the Board. To engage with the community, a trust must actively promote what it does and gaining feedback is a critical principle. As a governor I want to take engagement to the community, including talking with the many and varied stakeholder groups but also to the wider and probably more vulnerable groups to ensure a true representation is obtained and considered.

I care about our community and see the role of a hospital trust as central to everyone. I will use my experience and time to ensure everyone has a voice evaluating the trust’s service and be the critical friend to ask questions to help the trust develop its strategic plans. 


Sheena McBain  Sheena McBain

I come from a military background and spent my childhood in the Middle East. I have two children, eight grandchildren and another on the way and have lived in Great Yarmouth for 38 years. Together with my colleague, we run The Memory Joggers, specializing in delivering reminiscence training and awareness into dementia to both service providers and service users. I am also chairman of Hospital Radio Yare. Other interests include palaeontology and history and I'm passionate about art. I love my community and am involved/volunteer with various community organisations.

I am proud to have been a governor with the Trust for the past three years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and learned a lot. I am a people person and like engaging with others. I believe that by taking the time, having compassion, and by really listening to peoples’ thoughts and views we, as governors, serve as a connection between the Paget public community and the staff and managers. I initiated the concept of 'meeting the Governors' in local libraries, fetes and summer events. These were very successful with lots of positive feedback. 


Stuart Everett  Stuart Everett

I'm in my 40s, have lived in the local area my whole life and have been actively involved in the community serving on the board of a number of voluntary organisations. Professionally I was the Managing Director of Sentinel Leisure Trust, who are a local charity delivering leisure and education services throughout the UK and employing over 450 people. Unfortunately I had to retire in 2019 due to ill health. I am married and have two twin boys and I enjoy football, fishing, golf and socialising with friends and family.

I am keen to use my experiences and knowledge to help my local hospital, its staff and the lives of the patients who access its services. On a personal level, through suffering from rare neurological conditions since i was 24, I really appreciate the positive impact good health services have on you and your family. I will truly represent local people and be an ambassador for the hospital through engagement, using local contacts and drawing upon my own experiences. 


Tony Goldson   Tony Goldson

My working life as a nurse (SRN & RMN) within HM Prisons, covered a wide range of medical disciplines, culminating in international research into HIV/AIDs and the creation of the first HMP therapeutic community. I later bcame Director of Custodial Services for a national Drug & Alcohol charity, before being elected as County & District Councillor, serving for 12 years. 

This included positions as Cabinet Member for Adult Social Services; Cabinet Member for Health, Asst Cabinet Member for Roads & Transport, Chairman of Health Scrutiny and Chairman of Health & Wellbeing Board. Locally I am chairman of Halesworth Campus health & sports facility.

With prior experience as a James Paget Suffolk County Council Governor I am keen to return and represent my community.

My diverse career and public service means I have what it takes to act appropriately and make a significant contribution. As District Councillor, Chairman of Halesworth Campus and someone who is heavily involved in the community, I am well placed to engage with local people, seeking their views and bringing better understanding of the challenges faced by the James Paget, Primary Care Networks, Social care and others.


Luis Tavares   Luis Tavares

Portuguese by birth, British by choice, I'm married to a lovely and supportive wife and have two awesome daughters. I'm Registered Manager at a private Social Care company, responsible for the daily running of the service in a leadership role and legally responsible and accountable for compliance with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act and associated regulations and CQC fundamental standards.

Caring by nature and I have a passion for my job in social care and hope to have the opportunity to influence future healthcare delivery.

Working in Adult Social Care allows me to contact with all sorts of Individuals with different backgrounds daily, by discussing their experiences with the quality of the services received and measuring levels of satisfaction. I will be in a position to voice their opinions about hospital services, in a constructive way, to allow growth in the quality of the service.

At this challenging time of delivering safe and quality health care to the local community, I would very much like to make a positive contribution.


Peter Hargrave Public Governor  Peter Hargrave

I want to use my time and experience to benefit society. I support the NHS and I have a particular affinity with the Paget. 

I was a Board member at James Paget from 2013 to 2019 and I enjoyed the teamworking greatly. I am eager to renew my relationship with the Paget albeit in a different role. I know that the hospital needs patient welfare at the forefront of its efforts and the Governors are the champions of patient well-being.

I enjoyed working with the Governors at the Paget and I chaired some of the board and Governor meetings when I was Senior Independent Director.

I’m a qualified accountant and a committed supporter of the hospital and have extensive healthcare experience at board level as well as other relevant experience – including 25 years working with public sector services and charities.


Jose Bamonde, Public Governor  Jose Bamonde

Having previously been a James Paget Governor, I feel that I can provide an insight of views of the users to the Trust and make sure these concerns arrive at the council as I did on many occasions in the past.

I have a past of community service and I am passionate for it. In Portugal I was Magistrate of the Childrens and Family Court in Lisbon, and an EMT for Portuguese Red Cross for almost 25 years as a volunteer.

In the UK I have been a James Paget Governor, Associated Governor of the East Coast College for the People Committee, a District Councillor for Waveney District Council as well as a Town Councillor for Carlton Colville Council.

I feel I can provide to the Council a deep insight of the different communities health problems and concerns, as some may not know to express, or have concerns about expressing themselves.


Maria Grimmer, Public Governor  Maria Grimmer

In my current role as head teacher of a church school I have been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional governors who,  without question,  have impacted the work I have been able to do as a leader. I feel that I have relevant experience of working in the public sector and have witnessed for myself the effectiveness of both support and challenge. I am also aware of the need to be accountable for public funds and to work within the remit of the resources available.

We constantly encourage the children to be world aware and to actively seek opportunities to contribute in a positive way to society. I feel that I need to be looking for opportunities to do this and to lead by example . I have already had considerable experience of community engagement as this is a key priority for the school.

I  work hard and I am eager to have impact.


Kevin Jordan, Public Governor  Kevin Jordan

I’m a lifelong supporter of and am extremely interested in how the NHS and my local hospitals work.

In the past I have been a Parish Councillor and was also on a number of trusts as a member and as a chairman. This gave me insight and knowledge as to how trusts are legally constituted and how they are run efficiently. 

Having spent a life in electronics and IT all around the world, I have gained worthwhile knowledge and I would like to give back to the NHS something in return for the lifelong service it has given me.

I’m planning to engage with local people to seek their views by getting out there in the towns and villages, making a presence at local functions and medical centres/surgeries with displays, etc, and listening to people's views on their NHS and bringing these views back to the board.

I have a wealth of experience having served in local government and local trusts both as a trustee and as a retired parish councillor and I have worked as a director of my own company.


Silhouette Of A Man   Gordon Sewell

Having been a long term member of the nursing profession and the NHS (SRN RMN ex tutor and Director of Nursing) and with a great experience of health care overseas, I want to see our once great and envied Health Service restored. I believe I am able to add a voice of experience and to benefit society in the field of which I have a wide and involved history. Nursing is a vocation and once a Nurse always a Nurse!


Staff Governors


Yvonne Hacon   Yvonne Hacon

I was born in Ireland and trained as a staff nurse in Dublin before setting off travelling. I worked and travelled around the world for six years gaining a real passion for different cultures and cuisines, and met my husband on my travels. We have made our home here on the beautiful Norfolk coast. We also grow our own organic fruit and veg, mainly chillies, and make & sell chilli jams & chutneys from our produce. I love the outdoors & to cook & host dinner parties.

I am extremely passionate about staff and the James Paget and I am a great believer in fairness and consistency, with the ability to challenge appropriately.  I have always had an interest in this role and have successfully held the post of Staff Governor for the past year.


Devender Khurana (1)  Devender Khurana

I have been at the James Paget working as an Orthopaedic Surgeon for last 21 years and have been a staff Governor over the last three years. I have also been a chair of the Local Negotiating Committee at the JPUH for many years and have a long term interest in NHS management.

I am keen to help the system provide better care to our patients by active engagement and listening to frontline staff. I have been actively communicating with the NEDs and Executive team over the years and I endeavour to support my constituents by looking after their interests.

I am always accessible through telephone, email or face to face for any patient/staff issues.


Ali Guenaoui   Ali Guenaoui

I am the catering operations manager at the James Paget. I am also a member of the Hospital Caters Association and I'm married with one daughter who has been fortunate enough to have grown up a blend of Moroccan and Norfolk cultures.

I moved to Norfolk 31 years ago to pursue my studies and, having felt in love with the area, I decided to settle in the county and carry on with my professional life.

I enjoy my role within the trust and find it rewarding to bring a smile to others: patient/staff or colleagues, and have previously volunteered with the YMCA, Salvation Amy and NHS. 

I am by nature a good listener and I care deeply about other people's wellbeing and concerns.

I am driven by passion, kindness and years of experience, engaging with different people from various cultural backgrounds and I am not afraid of challenges and I will be a voice for whoever needs me.


Harry Hicks    Harry Hicks

I did a degree in Business Management at UEA and I’m currently based in Estates and Planning as a Graduate Project Manager, working on the delivery of the new hospital programme.

I previously worked in London with Lendlease, a Top 10 UK development firm, on the team for the £2.3 billion Elephant and Castle development and the £2.1 billion International Quarter London development. I’ve been on the new hospital team from the start, and learnt a huge amount from seeing a major hospital from the inside, especially engaging with the clinical side over the past year.

I want to actively contribute to the future of this hospital and community. I think the new build is a real chance to get a hospital which is designed by those who use it, and for those who work in it and give it life. I want to promote changes that enhance our systems of care, support our medical effort, and improve the quality of life for everyone here. 

I want to be a proactive advocate for positive improvements that will benefit all. I think sharing information and understanding is key to moving forward together for the right reasons.