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Your Local Counter Fraud Specialist Team

If you suspect a fraud, bribery or corruption may be taking place within or against the NHS, please contact the Local Counter Fraud Specialist Team in absolute confidence and they will be pleased to help you.

Lenka Carbonell Marvan Lenka Carbonell Marvan - telephone 07850 907749

You can also contact your Local Counter Fraud Specialist Team on 


NHS confidential fraud reporting line

You can also report your concerns to the NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line – either online or by telephone: and 0800 0284060


Calls to the National Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line are treated in confidence by trained staff and information given will be professionally assessed and evaluated.  Callers have the option to remain anonymous should they wish to do so.  

Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard the assets of the NHS, and to report any suspicion of fraud, corruption, or other wrongdoing at the earliest opportunity.



Ed Taylor, Our Director Of FinanceEd Taylor, Director of Finance

If you would prefer, you can bring your concerns to the attention of Ed Taylor, our Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is managerially responsible for counter fraud measures within the Trust.


If for any reason you feel that your concerns around fraud have not been fully addressed, the Trust also has a Freedom To Speak Up/ Whistle-blowing Policy designed to address these concerns.