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Declarations of Interest

Declarations of Interest

New national guidance was published early in 2017 to ensure that we use NHS money wisely, providing best value for taxpayers and accountability to our patients for the decisions we take.

A Register of Interests is in place for the Board of Directors and Council of Governors. On appointment, new members are required to complete a full induction process which includes their declaration. Any changes during the year must be declared to the Trust Secretary immediately and formally at the next meeting of the Board. 

This is reviewed annually and, in addition, at the start of each meeting members are required to declare any interests that may affect the papers considered.

Non Executive Directors' independence is considered each year in line with regulator guidance, to confirm that there are no issues that may affect, or could appear to affect, their judgement. This is considered at the Board meeting in public in April, and included within the annual report.

For members of the Council of Governors, they complete the declaration process when elected and then annually.

The declarations for both Board and Council are published on at least an annual basis and usually within meeting papers.

Decision making staff declarations are now also available.