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Freedom to Speak Up

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The James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of service.  Therefore, staff speaking up about any concern they have at work is really important. In fact, it’s vital because it will help us to keep improving services for all our patients, and improve the working environment for our team across the hospital who support patient care.

Why is speaking up important to the Trust?

Speaking up is about highlighting anything that gets in the way of providing good care. It is important to the Trust because it will help us to keep improving our services for all patients and the working environment for our staff.

Examples of concerns:

  • Unsafe patient care
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Inadequate induction and training
  • Bullying culture
  • Suspicions of fraud

Feel safe to raise your concern

If you raise a genuine concern under the Freedom to Speak Up policy, you will not be at risk of losing your job or suffering any form of reprisal as a result. We will not tolerate the harassment or victimisation of anyone raising a concern. Nor will we tolerate any attempt to bully you into not raising any such concern. Any such behaviour is a breach of our values as an organisation and, if upheld following investigation, could result in disciplinary action.

How we will learn from your concern

The focus of the investigation will be on improving the service we provide for patients. Where it identifies improvements that can be made, we will track them to ensure necessary changes are adopted, and that these are working effectively. Lessons will be shared with teams across the organisation, or more widely, as appropriate.

The Trust has a Lead Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and 25 champions working in different roles and departments across the organisation. 

All of these individuals encourage staff to speak up and ensure that their voices are heard. 

Freedom To Speak Up Guardian poster - this contains the details in the text above plus contact information for Ellen, our Lead Guardian. Staff can email

Our November 2022 Freedom to Speak Up Board report can be found here. This starts at page 164 of the linked document.