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Pride at the Paget


Pride Month is held annually to celebrate and recognise LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) people and communities, globally, nationally and locally.

At our Trust, LGBTQ staff are an important part of the Paget family and have their own staff network - and we are proud to celebrate Pride along with the many other events which highlight our diverse staff groups, cultures and religions.

We’ve produced an information booklet on Pride, which contains a wealth of information for people who want to find out about its origins and history, a guide to using appropriate language as well as links to local Pride organisations. You can download this guide below.

When you visit our hospital, you may see some of our staff wearing multi-coloured lanyards and badges. This is because we have introduced the Rainbow Badge scheme at our hospital. More than 1000 of our staff have now chosen to wear a Rainbow Badge and lanyard to show that they have pledged to support our LGBTQ patients.

By wearing the Rainbow Badge, our staff are sending a clear message to LGBTQ patients that they have a friendly, listening ear - and that they know how to signpost them to additional support, if needed.

Rainbow Badges being held in two pairs of cupped hands