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Strategies & Policies

Here you will find our strategies and policies. Our Five Year Strategy provides an overview of the work going on at our Trust, while our Quality Improvement Strategy, Clinical Strategy and Five-Year People Strategy all cover specific areas. 

By clicking on each document below you can view each strategy. 


Five Year Strategy 2018-23

Please click on the images below to read our five year strategy documents. The summary document 'Shaping our Future' outlines the strategy with the 2019 refresh directly below that. 

Shaping our future - Five year summary 2018-2023

Five Year Trust Strategy - 2019 refresh document


The Board of Directors on 14 October 2021 made the decision to pause its planned strategic objectives and priorities up to 31 March 2022.

This enables the focus for the remainder of the financial year to be on:

  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Provision of elective care with a focus on those patients waiting for procedures
  • Transformation where there is a medium/long term impact on the services we want to provide for our patients. 

Resources will therefore be utilised to enable the best support for patients in the second half of the year. Underpinning these three priorities are the workforce and financial support required:

  • Support and development of staff to enable delivery of priority objectives
  • Revised underpinning objective 4: Deliver H2 2021/22 financial plan

Our Strategic Ambitions 2021 1 4 Coloured 

Quality Improvement Strategy 2018-2023


Our Clinical Strategy - 2021-2026

Clinical Strategy Cover

People and Culture Strategy 2020-2025

People And Culture Strategy

Operational Plans

The Trust is required to produce a two year operational plan in line with statutory requirements set by NHS Improvement. This is the latest information on Trust plans, with more on the work across Norfolk and Waveney available within the Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP).


Vision and community

We are working with the Norfolk and Waveney health and care partnership (STP) to become an Integrated Care System. Updates on this work are provided to our Board of Directors to ensure that the Board and the public across the whole area receive the same information on what is happening. More information can be found on the In Good Health website.

We are also exploring a number of opportunities to work with strategic partners, focusing on development of the Trust’s estate and its site strategy, and in taking forward the commercial strategy.

Other strategies & policies

Click the links below to download and view strategies and policies for the Trust.