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Strategies & Policies

Strategies & Policies

Five Year Strategy Chart

Our strategy map above shows our five year strategy, strategic ambitions and supporting strategies that ensure we can deliver what we have set out to do.

You can view a larger version of the strategy map by clicking on it. 

It also recognises that we don’t work alone and our priorities take account of what’s happening outside the Trust and how that may impact on what we do – both locally and nationally. 

Our Quality Improvement Strategy, Clinical Strategy, Five-Year People Strategy and partnership working all feeds into our Trust Strategic Ambitions - to deliver the best possible level of safe and effective care; to provide education, support and development for our staff to deliver excellence in practice and be the employer of choice; to effectively manage our financial resources, our estate and our infrastructure to ensure we are sustainable; and to actively participate in innovation, research and partnerships to transform our services.

By clicking on each document below you can view each strategy. 

Five Year Strategy 2018-23

Please click on the images below to read our five year strategy documents. The summary document 'Shaping our Future' outlines the strategy with the 2019 refresh directly below that. For more information, please contact Ann Filby.


Five Year Trust Strategy


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic we have now updated our Trust objectives for 2020 - 2021. Please click on the image below for more details.

Trust Objectives 2020 21

Quality Improvement Strategy 2018-2023


Our Clinical Strategy - 2018-2023


People and Culture Strategy 2020-2025

People And Culture Strategy 2020 25

Operational Plans

The Trust is required to produce a two year operational plan in line with statutory requirements set by NHS Improvement. This is the latest information on Trust plans, with more on the work across Norfolk and Waveney available within the Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP).


Vision and community

We are working with the Norfolk and Waveney health and care partnership (STP) to become an Integrated Care System. Updates on this work are provided to our Board of Directors to ensure that the Board and the public across the whole area receive the same information on what is happening. More information can be found on the In Good Health website.

We are also exploring a number of opportunities to work with strategic partners, focusing on development of the Trust’s estate and its site strategy, and in taking forward the commercial strategy.

Other strategies & policies

Click the links below to download and view strategies and policies for the Trust.



Clinical Strategy 2018 2023 pdf Download
Communications Strategy 2020 2021 pdf Download
Digital Strategy 2018 To 2021 pdf Download
DNA CPR Policy pdf Download
Education Strategy 2018 2023 pdf Download
Education Strategy Aims 2018 2023 pdf Download
Learning From Deaths Policy pdf Download
Membership Strategy 2020 21 pdf Download
Mortality Strategy 2018 2021 pdf Download
No Smoking Policy pdf Download
Quality Improvement Strategy 2018 2023 pdf Download
Referral To Treatment Pathway RTT Access Policy And Procedure 14 pdf Download
Five Year Strategy 2018 2023 pdf Download
Five Year Strategy Summary 2018 2023 pdf Download