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Site Strategy

Site Strategy

Improving our hospital  for tomorrow’s patients

We aim to deliver compassionate and safe patient care to the people of Great Yarmouth and Waveney, from premises which are fit-for-purpose for the delivery of high quality healthcare.

This is why the Trust has a ‘site strategy’ which aims to create a health campus over the next five to 10 years, to help meet the needs of patients, visitors and staff in the years ahead and make maximum use of our land.



Outpatients’ Village

It is proposed to build a new Outpatients’ Village (see concept illustration below) on land to the north of the hospital building, next to the existing Dermatology Department.

Estates Strategy Pic 2

Currently, outpatient clinics are located in 15 separate areas of the main hospital building, some of which are a considerable distance from the main car parks, and at the Newberry Child Development Centre.

This new multi-storey facility would house all outpatients services under one roof.

The Outpatient Village could include clinical and retail units, and would be designed to be light and airy, to maximise space, and to provide quieter areas for patients to relax.  Clinical units could be multi-purpose and serve a variety of clinics throughout the week.

The Village could also house the hospital’s innovative Ambulatory Care Unit, where patients receive fast-time consultation, diagnosis and treatment in the same place.

The aim would be to offer diagnosis, pre-operation assessment and treatment services under one roof, in as few visits as possible or, preferably, in a single visit.

Car parking is already available next to the proposed village – and it is anticipated that its location would ease congestion at the hospital’s main entrance on the A12 with patients using the Brasenose Avenue access road instead.


Image Of Village New


Accident and Emergency (A&E)

It is proposed to expand the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department, using space freed-up by the creation of the new Outpatients’ Village.

Current A&E accommodation is of insufficient size at a time when the Trust is experiencing increasing demand, with waiting areas often overcrowded and restricted space in the treatment area.

There are various options which will need to be explored further including expanding both the areas for adult and children’s A&E services, creating a new A&E reception area with improved refreshment facilities and providing a 24-hour GP surgery to support the A&E function.

We are also planning to install a lift which will enable staff to move patients easily between floors, without having to travel to the main lifts in the centre of the hospital.


Existing  hospital wards were designed and built over 30 years ago, with six bedded bays. We want to improve the environment for our patients, including provision of four-bedded bays with private sanitary facilities, single occupancy rooms and individual patient entertainment systems on every ward.

It is proposed to upgrade 23 inpatient ward areas – six on the ground floor and 17 on the first floor - in a rolling programme over several years, starting with those most in need of refurbishment. This work is seen as a priority to ensure that our accommodation creates the right environment for all our patients including those with dementia.

Car Parking

Car parking is all at surface level and the current layout is, in some cases, inefficient. A re-design of these areas could provide additional space, particularly at the front of the hospital. This would be achieved by changing the layout of the parking spaces, which would also be safer for pedestrians. There are also plans to create a spine road to give better access to the car parks and improve the appearance of the hospital’s front façade.

This would reduce the amount of roads patients and visitors have to cross to gain entry to our hospital and create a pedestrian piazza along the top end of the parking to provide a safe avenue to the main entrance.

It would also re-orientate the car park so more spaces can be created within the area that is available and simplify navigation from the main road entrance. 

Longer term projects in the strategy include:

Upgrading staff accommodation. The hospital has more than 180 residential homes to the north of the site, rented by staff and students. They need to be upgraded. Offering high quality accommodation as part of a recruitment package may help the Trust to attract more staff to work at the hospital and there are plans to create self-contained three bedroom apartments that could be let to three individual members of staff or one member of staff with a family. There are also plans for hotel-style accommodation which could be used by patients families, members of hospital staff or those on training courses at the hospital.  

  • replacing the South Side office block with a new administrative building;
  • creating a new private patient facility;
  • expanding and improving training capabilities on the site;
  • increasing our research and development capacity; and
  • enhancing leisure and fitness facilities to benefit both patients and staff.

Several key phases of work contained in the strategy, such as upgrading our staff accommodation, will depend on working with commercial partners - and developing funding streams to finance other phases going forward.


2018-19   Preparation of business cases and identifying commercial partners

2018-21   Upgrade of wards

2018-19   Main car park re-design

2019-20   Creation of Outpatients  Village

2019-20   Re-design of A&E


Please see below for our ten year Site Development and Estate Strategy 2018-2028 and left for recent updates. 



Site Development And Estate Strategy 2018 2028 pdf Download
Our Plans For Improving Your Hospital pdf Download