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Key staff

Key staff

Senior Sister: Lisa King

Sister: Fiona Browne

Sister: Lynda Bales

Head of Children & Young People’s and Neonatal services: Justine Goodwin 

Children's & Young People's Ward (Ward 10)

The Children's and Young Person's Ward (Ward 10) provides surgical and medical care from newborns through to the 19th birthday.

Ward 10 is split into two further areas, 10a and 10b. 10a is the medical end of the ward which includes a six bedded bay, four side rooms, two high dependency rooms and a paediatric assessment unit. 10b is the surgical ward with eight beds as well as the six-bedded young person's unit. This consists of three single same sex rooms with en-suite facilities for two as well as a sitting room.

We provide overnight accommodation for parents to stay with their children as well as a parents’ kitchen and sitting room.

We have a beautifully decorated (jungle style) treatment room where we carry out procedures such as blood tests, as well as a phlebotomy clinic three times a week.  

To download a copy of our handy welcome pack, please click here.


What services are provided?

Ward 10 provides family centred care focused around the specific needs of the child or young person.

We have a multidisciplinary team consisting of staff nurses, nursery nurses, doctors, domestics, house keeper and play specialists; as well as physiotherapy, dieticians and safeguarding support when needed. 


How can I get a referral?

We receive referrals from A&E, GPs, and midwives, and other hospitals with children that need to be seen, in our paediatric assessment unit.

After four hours, depending on the condition of the child, we can admit to the main ward or discharge home.

We provide 24 hours open access to all medical children and young people who have been seen on Ward 10.

For children requiring urgent assessment professionals should contact our switch board on 01493 452452.

  • Surgical referral ask for the on-call surgical team
  • Paediatric medical referral ask for the on-call paediatric team

What are the opening times?

Ward 10 has open visiting meaning that family and friends can visit at almost any time of the day. However, we do ask that only parents and carers visit in the evening to allow quiet time to settle the children.


 Useful patient information leaflets 

Click here for leaflets on various conditions. See 'Childrens Services' drop down. 


A group of our staff - all ladies wearing our nursing and play team patterned uniform tunics - with a young boy in the centre, after he made a presentation to the team

A young boy lies in a bed with one of our staff - a woman in a patterned uniform - is seated beside him, talking to him

Members of our team sit, knelt down, in a special 'safe bed' which is at floor level on the ground. One of the team holds a big cheque and a man and a woman stand either side of the group

Three individuals sit on the floor of our childrens ward play room - one of our play staff, a young boy and a purple bear character. All three hold large chocolate Easter eggs

Two women, dressed 'Disney princess' style, with blonde hair, one in pastel pink and the other in a blue dress. The woman in blue holds a baby.

A feature wall on our childrens ward with a waterfall/ jungle scene and animals including giraffes, an elephant and rhinos on it.

The play kitchen area on our childrens ward, with toys including an oven and washing machine