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Common problems

If the hearing aid doesn’t seem to be working:

  • If the hearing aid has a volume control, check that this is not turned right down. If it is, adjust it to the correct level;
  • If your hearing aid has a programme button/switch, it may be on the wrong programme or muted: Switch the hearing aid off and back on again to reset it to it’s original settings
  • Check that the battery is the right way round;
  • Try putting in a new battery;
  • Take the hearing aid out and check that the earmould is not blocked with wax;
  • If it is a behind the ear hearing aid, check that the tubing is not twisted, squashed or split;
  • Check whether there are droplets of condensation in the tubing. If there are, gently pull the soft tubing off the hooked part of the hearing aid and blow down the tubing to remove the droplets;
  • If it is a body-worn aid, the lead may need replacing.


If the hearing aid is whistling, squealing, sizzling or buzzing:

  • This could be ‘feedback’, which happens when the sound from the hearing aid leaks out and gets picked up by its microphone;
  • The mould may not be in the ear properly – push it in gently to check;
  • There may be excess wax in your ear – ask your GP to check your ears;
  • If the hearing aid has a volume control, check whether the volume is too high;
  • If you have checked everything but your hearing aid is still not functioning properly, please contact us.