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Breast care team

Breast care team

The breast service is a multidisciplinary team service, which comprises several different specialties, all working together to achieve the best outcomes for our patients:

The Breast Unit medical team

Breast radiology staff and managers

  • Breast Specialist Radiographers/Radiologists


Breast unit nursing staff and patient representative

  • Breast Care Nurses
  • Oncology team
  • Pathologists. Our pathology colleagues are based at the Cotman Centre in Norwich, and provide a rapid results service for our one-stop symptomatic clinics
  • Plastic Surgerons. Our Plastic surgery colleagues are based at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, and are available via a direct referral system
  • Genetics Service. Our genetics service is based at Addenbrookes Hospital, and provides a tertiary referral service for those patients we believe are at significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer due to their family history.

Breast unit administrative staff

Secretarial and administrative staff.