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Littlelifts presentation - boxes of goodies are handed over to our team for our patients

A cheque is handed over to our Breast Care specialist team

Three Marks & Spencer cafe staff brave the shave for Macmillan

Four ladies at our World Cancer Day celebration

The Cancer Research UK stall at our World Cancer Day celebration

The Macmillan Cancer Support team in our foyer

Two men at the World Cancer Day Its On The Ball stand


Your Appointment Card


Your Appointment Card with details about what will happen next

Cancer Support

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00.
Telephone: Please speak to a member of staff in the hospital, who will be able to provide our contact details.

The cancer services team is made up from a number of different people including doctors, nurses, administrative and clerical staff. We have a shared aim to ensure that patients are investigated and if necessary treated for cancer in the most appropriate way. We aim to make sure that services are patient focussed and that we meet national standards and treat people within national targets set by the NHS.

If you have a cancer diagnosis, Cancer Care Navigators can offer support to you and your family and signpost you to local support services.

Some of our lung cancer team, including consultants and specialist nurses. The photo shows a group of people - some sitting and the rest standing behind them - in one of our meeting rooms.

What services are provided?

We provide treatment for the following body sites :

Some of our team on the Hope For Tomorrow Mobile Cancer Unit - three people, a male and a female in specialist nurse uniforms and a man wearing a fluorescent jacket who drives the vehicle, stand in front of the unit holding mugs.

How can I get a referral?

Normally your GP will refer you to our services via a two week wait (urgent) pathway. 

Your health is our number one priority. You will need to be available for diagnostic tests and appointments in the the next two weeks and to be available at short notice. We would ask that you attend and do not cancel appointments.

Nine out of 10 people referred in this way are not diagnosed with cancer.

Please see left for a copy of the card you will receive.


Where is the department located?

We have teams across the hospital and some link into teams at other hospitals. So if you have a query about the care you are receiving from your doctor at the hospital, they should give you our contact details.

Two of our Cancer Care Navigators Jo And Lyndsey stand in the Louise Hamilton Centre with Great Yarmouth Mayor Graham Plant. A yellow wall with butterfly decoration is behind them, along with a green Macmillan Cancer Support pull-up banner.