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Day Care Unit

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 07:00 – 22:00. Operations are performed 8am to 6pm.
Telephone: 01493 452022 or 01493 453006
Location: First floor, at the back of the hospital, close to the middle of the West Corridor (please note this is fair walk within the building from the main entrance).


The reception seating area of our Day Care Unit

Senior Sister: Beverley Gray
 Senior Sister Beverley Gray in a bedded area of our Day Care Unit

We are a 20-bed unit for day surgery, catering for patients undergoing minor surgical procedures and operations. The unit is for routine day cases and there are no facilities for an overnight stay.
After your operation you may need to stay for a few hours to recover. Discharges can take place as late as 10pm, but we aim to treat all our patients and send them home the same day. The unit has its own operating theatres and recovery beds, along with a TV lounge.

A seating area for patients in our Day Care Unit

In line with privacy and dignity all patients are cared for in a bay of the same sex.
Please be aware that your appointment time is not the time scheduled for your operation. You may have to wait and therefore we recommend you bring reading material or something similar to do if you wish to. 

Hot and cold drinks and light meals of sandwiches or toast will be offered after your operation, however if you have special dietary needs you may wish to bring some of your own food with you.
Due to limited space, there are limited facilities for relatives to remain on the unit. We recommend relatives/friends go home and they will be contacted later once you are ready to be discharged home. Relatives/friends and carers can stay in certain circumstances by prior arrangement.
Allowances will be made for patients with Learning Difficulities.

You will be given an information and consent sheet at your pre-assessment clinic appointment. Please read the information carefully and follow any instructions. If you do not follow the instructions your operation may have to be cancelled.
This particularly includes restrictions on food and drink in advance of your surgery.

If you are unable to keep your appointment or decide you no longer wish to have your treatment, or if you are unwell, please phone Admissions on 01493 453176 or the Day Care Unit on the number above, as far in advance as possible.

A senior nurse in the corridor linking different areas of our Day Care Unit

What services are provided?

We cater for patients undergoing minor surgical procedures and operations in areas such as: