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What you can expect

The reception desk of our Day Care Unit

You will be greeted by reception staff and shown to your bed. You will be asked to change into the theatre gown provided; you may have to remove underwear if appropriate. Once you are changed nursing staff will complete your admission paperwork. You will also be visited by the anaesthetic and surgical team. If they have not seen you within two hours of your arrival please inform nursing staff as this may delay your surgery.

There are approximately five patients per theatre list, so you may experience some wait prior to your surgery. Although it is uncommon, your surgery may be cancelled on the day due to lack of theatre time or emergencies taking priority. On these occasions you will be allowed home and rescheduling your appointment will be made a priority. 

A member of theatre staff will collect you for surgery. They will push your bed, but you will be asked to walk alongside them if you are able to do so. You will be taken through to the anaesthetic room and from there to the theatre. You will then be transferred to the recovery room where you will stay until you are recovered and safe to return to the ward. 

One of the recovery areas

On return to the ward you will be offered something to eat and drink as and when appropriate. You are likely to be out of bed one hour post op and nursing staff will aim to discharge you within two hours. To ensure safe discharge nursing staff will expect you to be able to pass urine, eat and drink, have manageable pain levels, and have someone to accompany you home and stay overnight with you. 

Sister Beverley Gray in one of the bedded recovery areas

On discharge you will be given a copy of the letter we fax to your GP, pain relief, and an instruction leaflet if you have not already received one in pre-assessment.


While we advise that you bring some possessions in with you for your stay, please try not to bring in too much.  Surplus possessions must be taken home. The Trust however cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables/possessions whilst you are in hospital.

You must bring with you a dressing gown and slippers.

Other suggested items are:

  • Spare change for newspapers, etc,
  • Bottle of squash / cordial
  • Reading material or something to do during any waiting periods


Due to privacy and dignity, confidentiality, the nature of the surgery and male and female mix on the unit, relatives/friends are not permitted to remain on the ward. We recommend relatives/friends go home and they will be contacted later once you are ready to be discharged home, however there are exceptions in certain circumstances if arrangements are made in advance.