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Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Nurse

The IBD Nurse Specialist is a member of the gastroenterology team who has had a lot of experience in gastroenterology and has a special interest in looking after patients with IBD. By working closely with you, they can help you to manage your disease.

Following your outpatient appointment with the doctor, you may be referred to see the IBD Nurse Specialist who will offer information, education and support about any aspect of your illness or the treatment you will be receiving. You may need to make lifestyle changes to help you cope with your condition and the nurse will advise and support you with this. From time to time you will need to undergo blood and other tests and examinations. The IBD nurse will explain these to you and provide written information as necessary.

The IBD nurse also runs an outpatient clinic where you can discuss your condition and treatment options. If you experience a “flare” your GP can refer you to the IBD Nurse clinic for urgent review and tests/medicine changes. 

Key staff

Clinical Lead: Dr Aamir Saleem 

Operational Service Lead: Jo-anne Brown

Matron: Jeanette Taylor 

IBD Nurse Specialists: Donna Howson / Trevor Hughes