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Colorectal Surgery

The colorectal unit at James Paget University Hospital treats patients suffering from lower gastrointestinal conditions including bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease), diverticular disease and disorders around the back passage including haemorrhoids, fissure and prolapse.

The unit works closely with the gastroenterology department, providing services in the endoscopy unit such as colonoscopy and the removal of polyps.

The team includes surgeons, colorectal nurse specialists, stoma nurses and ward nurses.

Operations performed include colon resection, rectum resection, fistula operation, haemorrhoid operation, rectal prolapse repair etc. Most operations are performed using key-hole (laparoscopic) technique. We have adopted the Enhanced Recovery Programme, which results in an improved patient journey after major surgery & high patient-satisfaction. Both elective and emergency procedures are performed. Surgeon- specific outcomes for bowel cancer surgery are comparable to other centres at national level and patient survey results have been very positive.