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Sir James Paget Library

Opening times

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 17:30 & Friday 08:00-17:00.

We are in the Burrage Centre, a separate building at the back of the main hospital site.

Telephone: 01493 452409


Dementia & Dementia Care booklist

Available at Sir James Paget Library

Alzheimer’s Society. (2013) The Dementia Guide. London: Alzheimer’s Society.

Bate, H. (ed.) (2008) A Funny Old World in Pictures.  Share Community Interest company. ISBN- 13: 978-0955394041

Brooker, D.  (2013) Dementia Care; Nursing & Health Survival guides. Routledge. ISBN- 13: 978- 027377371

Hindle, A (2011) Nursing care of older people. Oxford University Press. ISBN13: 9780199563111 

Kitwood, T.  (1997) Dementia Reconsidered. Oxford University Press ISBN- 13: 978- 0335198554

Nordenfelt, L. (2009) Dignity in care for older people. Wiley- Blackwell ISBN-13: 9781405183420

Zoutewelle- Morris, S. (2011) Chocolate Rain; 100 ideas for a creative approach to Dementia Care. London: Hawker. ISBN-13: 978- 1874790969

Suchet. J. (2011) My Bonnie; How Dementia stole the love of my life. London: Harper Collins. ISBN- 13: 978-0007328413


Please note we have a range of books on Dementia in the Library on the shelves at WM220 & Alzheimer’s disease at WM 222

Our thanks go to the Dementia team at the James Paget University NHS Trust for their advice & recommendations. 

These are just a selection of books in stock at the Library other guides are available, please check the ELMS catalogue.