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Continuity of carer


What is Continuity of Carer?

Continuity of Carer is a model of midwifery care that means you will have a named midwife, with the support of a small team, who will work together to provide all of your care during your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born.

This means you are much more likely to have the same midwife throughout, who you get to know and have a trusting relationship with.
Continuity of Carer is a national recommendation set out in the Better Births National Maternity Review, and it is the most requested wish from women and their families in our area when asked "what could be done better?"

How does this work and what does it mean for my care?

This service is focused on those who are pregnant who may need additional support for their mental health and for those who may be at higher risk during pregnancy, such as those from ethic minority communities, those who do not speak English, and those living in areas of deprivation locally.

Women and families who do not fall under the new Continuity of Carer team will be able to receive care from a named midwife who will provide all their antenatal and postnatal care. Care during labour and birth will be provided by midwives based within the hospital.

“Knowing my midwife before I saw her in labour made such a difference! Then I was happy and surprised to see her again the next day, I felt relieved not having to re explain my situation every time.”

If you have any questions around this please speak to your midwife.