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Caesarean section

Sometimes the doctor may recommend that your baby is born by this surgical intervention. Sometimes women request that the baby is born in this way. Caesarean section may be planned or happen as an emergency.

Planned or elective Caesarean

As for all women, we will work with you to provide an individualised plan of care. When planning caesarean section you will be asked to come in for a pre-operative visit when we will make sure that everything is ready.

On the day of the birth, you will usually be asked to come to the Antenatal ward at 8 am, where the last preparations will be made. Although we aim to perform Elective Caesareans in the morning, sometimes because of activity levels there are delays: we will keep you informed if this is the case. You will be taken to Delivery Suite operating theatre for birth, and can usually be accompanied by one birth partner.