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Maternity Improvement Plan


Our hospital is focusing on improving our maternity services.

The Trust has a Maternity Improvement Group chaired by the Chief Executive to oversee the development and delivery of improvements within maternity services, and the creation of a comprehensive Maternity Improvement Plan for our Trust.

The Maternity Improvement Group will oversee the progress of the quality and safety of maternity services, aligned to the outcomes from the Trust’s CQC inspections and continued engagement with the Ockenden recommendations.

Our Vision Is to provide a safe and exemplary maternity service where women, pregnant people, babies, and their families are at the centre of how we plan and provide care.

The Trust’s plan for improving maternity services is based around four priorities. These priorities will address the issues laid out by the CQC and address wider areas of improvement, and are aligned to the Trust’s strategic priorities which are Caring for Our Patients, Supporting Our People, Collaborating with Our Partners, and Enhancing Our Performance.

Priority 1 - Ensure that standards, structures and processes are in place to deliver safe, personalised, and equitable care

Priority 2 - Grow, retain and develop our workforce in line with the needs of the service.

Priority 3 - Work with service users, staff and community voices to shape our services

Priority 4 - Create a collaborative culture of safety, learning and support through effective leadership.

You can download and read our full Maternity Improvement Plan by clicking here. 

The James Paget works closely with Birth Voices East, a group of local mums who work with the maternity department at James Paget Hospital to make sure that the experiences of people who have given birth are listened to. You can find out more about Birth Voices East here.

A member of our maternity team - a woman wearing a mid blue tunic is pictured next to one of our maternity birthing pools. She has her hand on the tap on the end of the bath and there is art on the wall behind her including a dolphin jumping.