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Pregnancy planning for people with diabetes


If you live with diabetes and are thinking of becoming pregnant then our multi-disciplinary team can provide help and support.

Ideally the sooner you speak to the team the better, so if you are considering trying for a child in the next 12 months then you are invited to self-refer to the team.  

Some of our Diabetes Specialist team - six women, including consultants, nurses and health professionals stand in a group in a clinic room, all facing the camera and smiling.

The Preconception diabetes team are;

Dr Randall - Endocrinologist

Dr Choudhary - Obstetrician/Gynaecologist  

Kim Stone - Diabetes specialist midwife

Karen Oates - Diabetes maternity support worker

The team can provide individualised information, advice and support regarding diabetes care before and during pregnancy, including Preconception advice.

Our Preconception clinics provide pregnancy planning to ensure a positive pregnancy experience, and a reduction in the risk to the baby, achieved through individualised support covering;

  • Contraception advice, including contraception recommended until good blood glucose control achieved
  • Support and guidance given to help achieve good glucose control
  • Aim to achieve HbA1c below 48mmol/mol before pregnancy to reduce the risk of fetal abnormalities, miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Review of medication used for diabetes, and its complications before pregnancy, and adjustments made if contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • Discussion around target blood glucose levels in pregnancy, including the introduction of blood glucose monitoring and advice regarding healthy eating and exercise
  • Prescription for 5mg Folic acid in the three months prior to pregnancy until 12 weeks gestation to reduce risk of neural tube defects in the baby
  • Retinal eye screening prior to pregnancy

The same team will provide care during pregnancy, linking with your continuity midwife, including early viability scan around 7 weeks gestation and 4 weekly consultant clinic appointments.  Additional ultrasound of the baby will be performed at 28, 32 and 36 weeks gestation.

Support with blood glucose levels will continue with weekly review by the team.

To self-refer to the team for both preconception care, or if you are already pregnant, please email or call 07950 842196.


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