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Stop smoking services


If you would like to stop smoking for your health and the health of your baby then our team can provide support and advice.

Please see below for more information and resources. If you would like to take advantage of these services please speak with a member of our maternity team.

Smoking And Pregnancy Poster - the James Paget is supporting maternity patients to stop smoking. When you smoke you inhale over 4,000 chemicals including Carbon Monoxide which gets into your blood stream and restricts the oxygen that's essential for your baby's healthy growth and development. During your visit you will be asked about whether you smoke and will have Carbon Monoxide (CO) screening. If your CO reading is under 4 congratulations you have the reading of a non-smoker. Between 4 and 9 you have had recent exposure to Carbon Monoxide and 10 or more means smoking is having a serious impact on you and your baby's health.  It increases your risk of miscarriage and sudden infant death. Our team are here to support you if you'd like to quit smoking.

Stop smoking incentive scheme

Mums-to-be who are smokers are being encouraged to quit - and those living in the Great Yarmouth area may be able to take advantage of a new incentive scheme, where you could collect shopping vouchers if you remain smoke free.

Norfolk County Council’s Public Health (NCCPH) team have developed the local incentive scheme for pregnant women who smoke tobacco. The scheme is starting in Great Yarmouth and will initially run for six months from May 2023. A local evaluation will then be conducted with a view to extending the coverage to other areas of Norfolk.

The incentives scheme is being delivered alongside the existing pathway for pregnant smokers, with Smokefree Norfolk providing support and the incentives, which will be Love2Shop vouchers. These vouchers can be used at a number of high street retailers who are part of the Love2Shop scheme.

You may be eligible for the scheme if you are pregnant, currently a tobacco smoker (verified through a CO test) or have quit within the past two weeks, and you are either a Great Yarmouth resident or are registered with a Gorleston, Great Yarmouth or Northern Villages GP practice.

If you are eligible, you decide to take part in the scheme, and you quit smoking for the duration of your pregnancy you will receive a series of vouchers.

If you think you may be eligible and would like to find out more please contact your midwife or speak to one of our team at your antenatal appointment.

More information and support to quit

Please click on the link below for a podcast about smoking, which features Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead from Public Health England. This talks about the best interventions to help people quit smoking and the truth about e-cigarettes.

Please click here to listen. 

For more news and information on smoking and health;

Smoke Free Sheffield are among the organisations who have good resources giving facts about vaping. You may like to watch their short video here;

Find the right stop smoking aid or nicotine replacement therapy;