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Neonatal Unit

Opening Times: 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.
Telephone: 01493 452202.
Location: First floor, west corridor (by the Delivery Suite).

The Neonatal Unit provides care for premature and sick babies over 30 weeks gestation.  Babies who are born before 30 weeks gestation or require ventilation for over 24 hours will be stabilised before transferring to a bigger Neonatal Unit which can provide on-going Intensive Care.

On the Neonatal Unit we provide short term ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and oxygen therapy.  We also care for babies who need phototherapy for jaundice also need assistance with feeding through a gastric tube.  On the Neonatal Unit we care for babies who need help with temperature control and also need medical treatment for infections and other medical conditions.

On the Neonatal Unit we have a team of specialist nurses who are experienced in caring for babies who need Intensive Care, High Dependency Care and Special Care.  The medical team consists of Paediatric consultants, specialist registrars and junior doctors.

We work closely with the maternity team and also the children’s ward.  The Neonatal unit is part of a network of Neonatal services throughout the east of England region and the network has a dedicated transport team for when a sick baby needs transferring to another hospital in the region.

What services are provided?

  • Specialist care for babies born prematurely and sick babies above 30 weeks gestation
  • Stabilisation of babies under 30 weeks gestation or sick babies who need transferring to a bigger neonatal unit for on-going intensive care
  • On-going care for babies who need help with feeding, temperature control and treatment for infections.

How can I get a referral?

Referrals are to be made via delivery suite or other Neonatal units.

More information

For more information you can view our Welcome to the Neonatal Unit Parents Booklet by clicking on the image below.

 Welcome To Neonatal Unit Booklet



142 Neonatal 1


Key staff

Key staff

Dr Oluseun Tayo (Neonatal lead)

Dr John Chapman

Dr Stephen Nirmal (Paediatric Clinical Lead)

Dr Himal Gurung

Dr Pradeep Venugopal

Dr Sudeep Damodaran

Dr Rao Kollipara

Dr Esi Bentsi-Enchill

Dr Priyadarshan Ambadkar


Senior Sister: Karen Wright

Head of Neonatal, Childrens and Young Peoples services: Justine Goodwin

Clinical Educator: Kelly Melton