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Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:00.
Telephone: Please see below.
Location: Ground floor, south corridor.

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We aim to deliver the best quality care and develop effective working relationships, both within and outside the Trust for our patients' benefit.

We all work together in integrated specialist teams, overseen by a Service Operational Manager for Integrated Therapies.

Integration of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy brings with it a number of benefits including: 

  • patients receive more co-ordinated treatment packages and better quality of care.
  • both professions benefit from a greater breadth of learning.  Core knowledge and skills between the professions are identified and training addressed consistently and more efficiently across both groups.
  • Therapy Assistant Practitioners (Band 4) and Therapy Assistant (Band 2) roles in our core inpatient teams has enabled support staff to carry out both Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy components of patient care. Again this enables a more coordinated approach for the benefit of our patients.

Our department is welcoming and friendly, and has strong links with our local Community Services and Social Services partners.  We constantly review our staffing skill mix and structure to meet the changing needs of the local population accessing our services, alongside the development needs of staff.  


What services are provided?

Our clinical teams comprise:

  • Stroke – Stroke Unit 
  • Acute Medicine
  • Early Intervention Team (A&E and the Emergency Assessment/ Discharge Unit)
  • Cardiology/Respiratory/Surgery
  • Orthopaedics – Trauma and Elective surgery
  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Team – Outpatients, Gynaecology and Maternity Inpatient wards
  • Paediatrics  - Community and Children’s Ward

The Trust also has other stand-alone specialist services managed by different departments but still holding strong links with our OT/PT Department; these are

  • Pain Service Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy
  • Rheumatology Occupational Therapy Service


How can I get a referral?

Inpatient Wards – patients will be referred by the Medical, Nursing Teams, or other Healthcare Professionals involved in the patients care during their stay in hospital.

Pelvic and Maternal Health Physiotherapy Team – via GP, Consultant, Midwives, or other Specialist Nurses working in the Maternity/Urology/ Gynaecology field.

Paediatrics – via GP, Consultants, other healthcare/ Social Care professionals involved in a child’s care.


How can I contact the department?

Our Therapy staff work all over the hospital therefore answerphones are available to leave a message.  We unfortunately do not have a main point of contact for the department.  Contact numbers for all our therapy teams are below.

Inpatient OT/PT Teams based at James Paget University Hospital;

  • Admin - 01493 453121
  • Acute Medicine – 01493 452070
  • Cardiology/ Respiratory & Surgery Team – 01493 452070
  • Early Intervention Team - 01493 453610
  • Orthopaedics – 01493 453849
  • Stroke – 01493 453657
  • Pelvic and Health Physiotherapy Team – 01493 452378
  • Rheumatology Occupational Therapy Outpatients - 01493 453123
  • Pain Service Occupational Therapy Outpatients - 01493 453307
  • Pain Service Physiotherapy Outpatients - 01493 452258
  • Paediatric Therapy Team - Newberry Clinic Children’s Centre, Lowestoft Road, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, NR31 6SQ 01493 442322

If you are asked to complete an Occupational Therapy furniture heights form you may find the video above helpful.

A smiling woman in a white Occupational Therapy uniform holds the hand of a patient

Key staff

Key staff

Integrated Therapies and Dietetics Clinical Lead - Beverly Chilson

Physiotherapy Proffesional Lead - Rene Gray

Occupational Therapy Proffesional Lead - Tamzin Springall