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Orthoptists and Optometrists

Orthoptists are Allied Health Professionals which work as part of the eye care team.  They diagnose and manage a range of eye problems, such as squints, lazy eyes and double vision.  Orthoptists see patients of any age but are recognised as experts in childhood vision screening and have a lead role in the screening of children aged four to five years. The majority of Orthoptists in the UK are employed in the NHS.  We currently have five Orthoptists working at the JPUH; two full time and three part time. 

All patients referred to the eye clinic will be registered under an Ophthalmologist.  Any patient needing to see an Orthoptist will have an appointment arranged, it is imperitive to bring any up to date prescription glasses to Orthoptic appointments.  Joint appointments to see Orthoptist and Consultant can take up to three hours, appointments to see the Orthoptist and Optometrist take approximately one hour and follow up appointments with the Orthoptist take around 20 minutes for children and 40 minutes for adults.

We are an accredited training site for Orthoptic students on placement and are involved in training other health professionals including medical students, GPs, Optometrists, optometry students, health visitors and school nurses.

The JPUH has recently expanded their department of Ophthalmic professionals with the addition of full time Optometrists.  The Optometrists work closely with other eye professionals in the eye clinic including Consultant Ophthalmologists, Trainee Speciality Doctors, Orthoptists, Visual Technicians and Ophthalmic Nurses to provide a specialist Optometry support service.

The department provides an extensive range of Optometric Services including: Complex Adult Refractions, Paediatric Refractions (glasses tests) and Complex Contact Lens Service as well as a number of extended Optometric roles including: Post Op Cataract Assessment, Diabetic Retinopathy Clinics, Glaucoma Clinics and Age Related Macular Degeneration Clinics.