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Cataract service

Cataract means a cloudy lens inside the eye. These often cause blurred vision, and become progressively worse over time. They can occur at any age, but are more common as you get older. Cataracts can be removed with surgery to improve vision in the majority of cases.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Your optician or GP can arrange an appointment. If you are concerned that your vision is getting gradually worse, it is sensible to see your optician promptly, so that a referral can be made for you.

How will my cataract be treated?

New patients are seen at the Cataract Clinic on Windsor Suite, where you will first have some vision tests, and measurements by our Specialist Nurses. You will then see the doctor who will examine your eyes and discuss your condition in more detail. Drops will be used to dilate your pupils and these will mean your vision is blurred for a few hours afterwards.

If cataracts are confirmed, and you choose to have surgery you will usually then be able to choose a date for your surgery that is convenient for you. This is normally available within 3 months.

We offer modern cataract surgery with the latest small incision techniques. This is performed under local anaesthesia in 99% of patients, as a day case (i.e you do not need to stay in hospital). There is usually no need for an injection, with eye drops alone used to numb the eye. Some people have medical conditions that mean it is safer to be given a general anaesthetic (be asleep for the surgery). This is possible, and would be discussed with you by the doctor.

After the surgery you are given eye drops to use for a few weeks, and usually return for a check up within a few weeks.

For more information please see: ‘Cataract Leaflet (PDF)’