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How to make a donation (charitable funds)

In a challenging financial environment, there is always equipment that we are not able to fund through the NHS. In the past we have received very generous financial support from many patients and relatives, and as such we have established a charitable endowment fund to help us fund new equipment, and improve our services to you.

If you would like to make a donation to help support our services, we would be very grateful for any help you can give. Please send a cheque made payable to James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and write ‘Ophthalmic Endowment Fund’ on the reverse of the cheque. You can call 01493 452762 for further help.

For further information on donating to the Trust, please visit the Donations page of the website.

Examples of recent purchases made with the help of such generous support include:

  • Eye testing equipment for children – modern equipment for accurate measurement of vision in children.
  • Digital corneal photography equipment – to allow high resolution images of the front of the eye to be documented.
  • Glaucoma assessment software – to improve the management of patients with glaucoma.
  • The latest software for accurate cataract lens measurement – to optimise our visual outcomes
  • Virtual reality cataract surgery simulator – safely and effectively training surgeons and improving patient outcomes
  • Oculoplastic surgery equipment.
  • Ultrasound equipment – to allow the detailed assessment of internal structures in the eye.