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Eye Clinic Nursing Staff - five people dressed in pale blue

Eye Clinic Nursing staff

Eye Clinic Receptionists - four women in dark blue patterned short sleeve tops

Eye Clinic Receptionists

Eye Clinic Technical Staff - Five people dressed in short-sleeved white tunics

Eye Clinic Technical staff

Theatre team - six people dressed in green scrubs

Theatre staff

Windsor Suite team - a group of smiling staff, including nurses

Windsor Suite

Our team

Our dedicated team of specialists includes consultants, specialist nurses, orthoptists, optometrists and ophthalmic technicians.

All our consultants have extensive training in the UK. All treat general eye conditions, and each of them provides a different area of specialist care. They are supported by a team of doctors, some of whom are on a regional training rotation. 

Our consultants

Professor Ben Burton

Mr Tom Butler

Mr Craig Goldsmith

Mrs Bridget Hemmant

Mr Daniel Pharoah

Mr Avinash Prabhu

Mr Muhammad Raja

Mrs Rupal Shenoy


Our Specialist Nurses

We have a dedicated team of experienced specialist nurses, who provide essential clinical support.

Nurse Specialist Kelly Evers

Nurse Specialist Loretta Poundall

Nurse Specialist Edyta Sek


Our Orthoptists and Optometrists

Our orthoptic team provide integral clinical assessment of eye movement and squint disorders, and the assessment and treatment of childhood vision problems. We also undertake teaching for orthoptic students from Sheffield and Liverpool.

Head Orthoptist - Sarah Naylor

Orthoptist - Laura Nurney

Specialist optometrist - Lucy Hutchins

Specialist optometrist - Stephanie Cotton


Eye Clinic

Senior Sister Julie Mitchell

Sister Louise Nunney

Senior Imaging technician Debbie Busby


Ward 8/ Theatre 9

Senior Sister Alta Batangan

Sister Tracy Smith

Charge Nurse Tim Rodmell


Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

Rosemary Knell


As NHS employees, the department is committed to providing the very best care to every patient. However, we recognise that there may be times when you may wish to see a specific surgeon, or require an appointment at a time convenient to you, in which case you may be interested to know that private consultations can also be arranged. 

Please view our private patients page for links that may assist.