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Meet the team



Dr. Patrick Blossfeldt - Specialist in Pain Management

Consultant in Pain Management at the James Paget since 1997.

Interest in palliative and supportive care, was leading the fundraising campaign for the building of the Louise Hamilton Centre.

Educated and trained in Germany but likes fish and chips better than Sauerkraut.

Special interest and expertise in spinal problems, ultrasound guided musculoskeletal pain interventions, cancer pain, palliative care and acupuncture.

Holds Diplomas in palliative medicine, acupuncture and musculoskeletal medicine. 


Dr. Andreas Brodbeck - Specialist in Pain Management

 Consultant in Pain Management, ICU and Anesthetics.

Trained in Germany.

Joined the James Paget hospital in 2002 and went on to join the Pain Clinic in 2007. 

Interested in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, medical hypnosis and acute pain.  


Nursing staff


Jo Nash - Clinical Nurse Specialist Team Leader

After completing my basic nurse training in Preston in 1991, I relocated to Great Yarmouth and have worked at the James Paget hospital, initially as a junior staff nurse before being promoted to ward sister in 1998.

I have been in my current post as a clinical nurse specialist in pain management since 2011. My role includes the management of acute and chronic pain, both as outpatient and inpatient.

Ann-Marie Wood - Clinical Nurse Specialist 

I  trained at James Paget Hospital and qualified as  a Registered Nurse in 1992. I worked as surgical specialities staff nurse for eight years,  following which I was promoted to Ward Manager of a specialist surgical ward, a role I undertook for five years.  I joined the Pain Management team as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in 2006.

Maria Jarvis - Sister in Pain Management / Acupuncture Practitioner

I have been a member of the Pain Management Team since 2001. I work full-time and  part of my duties is to  review in-patients. I have had various duties within the team including reviewing inpatients on the surgical wards, who  may need special attention to manage their pain, and running the nurse led acupuncture clinics.  I have been qualified as an acupuncturist for 15 years. Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that is offered to some patients to manage some specific pain problems. There is an acupuncture information sheet available for patients.


Extended Scope Spinal Physiotherapists 

George Nadakavukaran

Working within the Back Pain Service in the Pain Management Department since 2005, I completed Postgraduation specialising Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from New Zealand and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

I completed further training in Spine, Interpreting advanced imaging and blood tests and currently undertaking ultrasound scan guided steroid injection.

My interests are in complex spinal pathology with an emphasis on differential diagnosis and management, musculoskeletal injuries, neurophysiology of pain and teaching graduates and postgraduates at UEA and JPUH.

I enjoy snowboarding, distance cycling, Norfolk ale, my wife’s cooking and reading up on current research in pain, spine, musculoskeletal pathology etc.

Emily Gray

I qualified as a Physiotherapist  30 years ago and have worked as a Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist since 1998. I developed my clinical skills and expertise while working in South Africa and the UK. I have undertaken advance post graduate training in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neurophysiology of pain and a Master’s degree in musculoskeletal medicine with special interest in assessment, clinical diagnosis and management   of complex spinal pathologies and chronic pain.

I believe that the best research is that which is influenced by clinical practice, hence I am passionate in delivering quality effective evidence based care.


Occupational Therapists 

Gael Postle - Specialist Occupational Therapist 

I've been in post since 2004 and i'm the lead Occupational Therapist for the team.

My interest is in enabling people to regain as much independence as possible and improving their quality of life.

My special interest is in the psychological impact chronic pain has on the individual and providing appropriate psychotherapeutic interventions. These include mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy and CBT. I also have further qualifications in ergonomic assessment in the work place helping individuals to return or remain at work.

My role in the team is to provide one to one advanced Occupational Therapy and lead the delivery and development of Occupational Therapy. I also advise team colleagues and others in Outpatients and the community.

Heather Ramsden-Wright - Occupational Therapist 

Within the pain service I work with patients on a one to one basis, and complete home assessments with equipment provision and as a group work facilitator.  The aim is to assist patients to identify personal strengths and difficulties, explore and gain coping strategies and to develop self management skills.

Group work includes a mindfulness style therapy group, exploring and enabling pain patients to learn mindfulness practices to relieve suffering and stress.  I also co-facilitate a Fibromyalgia specific group programme. This includes discussion and education opportunities, mindfulness and relaxation in a reassuring peer group environment. 


Julie Burgess - Senior Secretary and secretary to Nursing staff - 01493 453796

Lynn Bean - Secretary to Occupational Therapists - 01493 453786

Rachel Bain - Secretary to Extended Scope Spinal Physiotherapists - 01493 452258

Sarah Carpenter - Secretary to Consultants - 01493 453788


Clinic Co-ordinator 

Denise Calver - 01493 453527