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Plaster Services

Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 8.30am–5.15pm, Friday 8.30am–1pm
Telephone: See below
Location: On the ground floor, within the hospitals Fracture Clinic

We are a small team providing a service to approximately 8,500 patients a year.

Patients are treated with a range of conditions, from fractures to congenital birth defects.  Our qualified technicians apply and remove a vast range of casts in plaster of paris and resin, as well as surgical appliances and bespoke items.

Patients should contact the Plaster Room with any concerns regarding their injury/condition/cast/brace.  If out of hours, please contact Accident and Emergency.  We are available to offer advice to clinical staff as well as patients.

We promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere, encouraging family members to accompany relatives to hear important care advice and instructions “two pairs of ears are better than one”.

What services are provided?

  • Cast application/Removal – A&E, Clinic, Wards, Theatre
  • Fitting of Surgical Appliances
  • Constructing Bespoke Splints/Braces
  • Serial Casting of Paediatric patients from Newberry Clinic.


How can I get a referral?

Referrals are made through our Emergency Department, the Fracture/Trauma Clinic and the Newberry Clnic.


How can I contact the department?

Plaster Room 01493 452317

Fracture Clinic Reception 01493 452603 (Fracture Clinic Appointments)

Accident and Emergency 01493 452200


Further information

Red Cross - Norfolk Coastal Centre (wheelchairs/Aides): 01493 663626

Limbo - Waterproof protection for Casts/Dressings: 01243 573417

Norfolk Social Services: 0344 8008014

Suffolk Social Services: 08456 023023

Age Concern (Age UK): 01493 743052

SSAFA Forces Help: 01603 403322

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE): 0845 0037783

Key staff

Orthopaedic Practitioners: 

Mark Thom

Antony Slade


Trainee Technician:

Claire Starkey