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Pre Operative Assessment

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm (closed weekends and bank holidays)
Telephone: Pre Assessment - 01493 453289, Admissions (8am to 6pm Monday-Friday) 01493 453176, any other time 01493 452411
Location: Ground floor west corridor, reception is opposite The Cove Clinic

The Well Being Questionnaire

When your surgeon decides that you need an operation, you will be given a Well Being questionnaire to fill in.  It is very important that you complete this form as thoroughly as possible, as all the information on it will be needed before your admission. This includes any medication, inhalers, injections or creams you are taking. Please bring a list of your medication with you to the outpatient department so you can write your medicines on your Well Being Questionnaire. We need to know this in case we ask you to stop any medication before your operation.

The Well Being questionnaire will be used to plan your admission and care while you are in hospital.

Pre-Operative Assessment

  • This takes place a week or more before your operation
  • Depending on your type of surgery it could take between 30 minutes and 3 hours
  • All patients will see a specialist nurse but only some will see a junior doctor and an anaesthetist. This will depend on the operation you are having.
  • You may have a blood test and be asked to bring a urine sample with you.  Some patients will need a heart trace (ECG).
  • Depending on the ward you are admitted to, you may need an MRSA screen. (A cotton bud swab)

You may bring a relative or friend with you to your pre-operative appointment but due to space issues we ask that you only bring one person to accompany you.

Pre-Operative Assessment covers

  • Your admission
  • Your operation
  • What to bring
  • Changes in your medication
  • Anything you need to do before your operation
  • Your discharge arrangements

Anaesthetic Assessment

Some patients may need to see an anaesthetist before their operation. If this is the case you will be given an appointment to see the anaesthetist a few weeks after your initial visit to the outpatient clinic. This can take 30-60 minutes and the anaesthetist will decide whether you are fit for anaesthetic or if you need any further tests or referrals before your operation. Before this appointment you may be asked to have a heart trace (ECG). The appointment and forms will be sent to you.

Important notice

You pre-operative assessment is a vital part of your admission. It is important that you attend or your operation may not go ahead. If you cannot attend for any reason, it is important that you telephone the admissions department on 01493 453176 (Monday to Friday) or 01493 452411 at any other time.