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Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) compliance


Compliance statement

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the “Order”) following its investigation into the private healthcare industry. 

The Order imposed requirements on private hospital operators to disclose certain information in relation to referring clinicians (as defined by the Order) for the benefit of patients.  Full details about the investigation and the Order can be found on the CMA web page:

The information provided by the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust below is required by the Order. 

At the James Paget Hospital we work with our doctors to ensure they can focus on high quality patient care.  In keeping with one of the Trust’s core values, “Effective and Professional”, we supply in depth training and development for all of our staff. 

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides the following services to Consultants and Clinicians:

Higher Value Services

Consultants are charged at the following rates for using consulting rooms at the James Paget Hospital:

New patients                         £16

Review patient                     £10

Consulting rooms are available on a non-discriminatory basis in accordance with the Order.


Low-Value Services

General services

  • We provide ongoing training and development for all our staff, regardless of whether they see private patients or not, including mandatory training.
  • We offer services to facilitate efficient patient admission, administration and billing, in line with standard operations within the hospital.
  • Insurance and indemnity cover in respect of the treatment of National Health Service (NHS) patients.

​Basic workplace amenities

  • Stationery to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally
  • Mail services to the extent that they are available to staff and those working at the facility generally
  • Tea, coffee, refreshments and meals to the extent that they are available to staff and those working at the facility generally

General marketing & promotional services to be able to operate, including:

  • Production of consultant directories and website profiles (digital and print)
  • Production of facility branded business and correspondence material
  • Production of general marketing material (digital and print) and literature, including GP, Health Care Professional and direct to patient mailers
  • General promotional events such as hospital based and offsite seminars with Consultant/Health Care Professional speakers.

Clinician Financial Interests

Private hospital operators are required to disclose details of clinicians practicing at their facilities who have a share of financial interest in those facilities.  The James Paget Hospital has no referring clinicians who fall into this category.

Further Information

Further information regarding the James Paget Hospital can be seen on the Private Healthcare Information Network website: