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Breast Imaging


The Breast Imaging Department provides two main services. We provide imaging for women who have been referred by their GPs to a one-stop clinic (the symptomatic service) and we provide imaging for the National Breast Screening Programme.

We also operate the following:

  • Follow-up for women who have previously had breast cancer
  • Family history screening: for women at higher risk of developing breast cancer
  • Cyst Protocol for women who have a history of recurrent cysts

For further information on any of our services please ring (01493) 452885.

Breast Screening Programme

The breast screening programme invites around 14,000 women from across Great Yarmouth and Waveney for a mammogram each year.  Breast screening is either on our mobile unit situated at various locations within the community or at the hospital site. The location of your screening will be on your appointment letter.

Women will be invited for their first screening between the ages of 50 to 53 years (within the three years after their 50th birthday) and screened every three years up to 70 years and 11 months. After this age women can request self-referring breast screening.

Women may be eligible for breast screening before the age of 50, and/or at different screening intervals, if they have a very high risk of developing breast cancer. These women are identified via GP referral to our Family History Service.

Women who have mobility or learning difficulties may find that the mobile screening unit is not the most appropriate site for their mammogram. Please phone the department for advice as we may be able to provide a more tailor-made service at the James Paget.

Women who have implants need to phone the department to arrange for a longer appointment.

An assessment clinic is where we have called a woman back from screening to obtain further information about their breasts.

For further information on Breast Screening please follow the links below:

'Information for patients attending Breast Imaging'

'Mammogram easy read leaflet'

A 16-page leaflet, also available in large print and multiple languages, explains the NHS breast screening programme, to help eligible women make an informed choice about whether to participate.

This is available here;

Please use the link below to access an HTML version of the Breast Screening Invitation Leaflet. This is more suitable than the PDF version for changing the font size and on phones / tablets. It also enables you to use your favourite screen reader to get text to voice.


Breast Symptomatic Service

We offer a service for patients referred by their GPs via the Broadland Suite. If the surgeon feels that imaging is required, they will refer you to us. Possibly, that same day.

This visit may only consist of a mammogram. However, some women will see a Consultant Radiologist or Advanced Practitioner for an ultrasound examination and, possibly, a biopsy of the breast.

For further information on Breast Imaging please follow the links to the left.