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Information for your Breast Imaging appointment

For both the Breast Screening Programme and Symptomatic Service


Please phone 01493 452885 if you would like to change an appointment that has been sent to you or if you are over 70 and would like to make an appointment for screening.

If you miss a screening appointment you do not have to wait three years before you are invited again. Please ring the number above and we can make another appointment.

Changing rooms and gowns

We do not routinely change women into gowns prior to being called in for a screening mammogram. It is useful if you are wearing a top which is easy to take off with either a skirt or trousers.

For appointments where a surgeon has sent you, or we have called you back, gowns are provided. Our staff will advise you which clothing you need to remove and will provide you with a gown to wear during your procedure.  However, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own dressing gown.


Please do not wear any spray deodorant although wearing roll-on is fine.


Verbal consent for any procedure will be requested prior to your examination taking place. When written consent is also required, these forms will be explained before you are required to sign. 


All patients have a right to a chaperone whilst undergoing an examination. Staff chaperones will always maintain your privacy and dignity.  If you are having an intimate examination a chaperone will automatically be provided by the trust.

Staffing in the Department

Consultant Radiologists: Doctors who have spent a further five years training in this speciality.  Each Radiologist has their own interest and speciality which provides a beneficial service to the hospital.

Advanced Practitioners / Consultant Radiographers: These radiographers undertake radiology work without a radiologist. They can specialise in stereotactic procedures, ultrasound and/or read films.

Mammographer: Female radiographers who have completed a higher level of education and specialist training to post-graduate level in breast imaging. If you wish to speak to a radiographer about your appointment you may call 01493 452885

Assistant Practitioner: Female only staff who undertake mammograms and assist Radiologists and Radiographers with procedures.

Administration: Our staff ensure that you receive your results and appointments and answer any telephone enquiries.

Breast Care Nurses: Specialist James Paget-based breast cancer care nurses. If you wish to speak to a nurse prior to your appointment please call 01493 452447. There is a nurse available in assessment clinics.