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Our CT scanner - similar to a ring doughnut in shape - with a patient on a bed going through the middle

CT scanning uses x-rays whilst MR scanning uses a very powerful magnet and radio-frequency.  The type of scan that you will have is dependent on many things and is decided upon by the referring Doctors.

Sometimes preparation may be required prior to your scan, this may amongst other things be in the form of a drink or the need to fill your bladder.  Further information about the preparations required, and what will happen during your scan, will be provided within your appointment letter.

Our MRI scanner

MRI scan - on arrival, you will be asked to complete a patient declaration and safety questionnaire.  The Radiographer will check the answers with you prior to your scan in order to assess your suitability to continue with the procedure.  All of your answers will be dealt with in confidence by the staff within the department. 

Our CT/ MRI reception area where you'll be greeted by a friendly receptionist

The seating area in our CT/ MRI reception


If you have been referred by your doctor or a specialist for an examination, they will, in most cases send us your imaging request form directly.  The department will contact you directly, usually by letter but we do also telephone some appointments through (please note that calls will show as “unknown number”). Your appointment could be any day of the week, including Saturday or Sunday, and include early mornings and evenings.

One of the curtained-off changing areas

Changing rooms and gowns

Changing rooms and gowns are provided within the department.  Patients are requested to wear clothes that can be easily removed from the area being imaged or clothes that do not have any metal or buttons on them.  The Radiographer or Imaging Department Assistant will advise you on which articles of clothing you may need to remove and will provide you with a gown to wear during your procedure.

We will be requiring you to remove any metal and jewellery before your scan (in some cases wedding bands are allowed) so it may be advisable to leave valuables at home. 

Consent and Chaperones

Verbal consent for any procedure will be requested prior to your examination taking place.  In some specific cases written consent will also be gained from you.  These consent forms will be explained to you before you are required to sign. 

All patients within the JPUH have a right to a chaperone being present whilst undergoing an examination.  Chaperones will always maintain your privacy and dignity. 

Staffing within the Department

Consultant Radiologists are Doctors who have spent a further five years training in this speciality.  Each Radiologist has their own interest and speciality which provides a beneficial service to the hospital.

Radiographers are degree-trained professionals allied to medicine who are responsible for the imaging required.

IDAs (Imaging Department Assistants) assist Radiologists, Radiographers and Nurses throughout the whole of the Radiology Department with patient care.

Nurses who are trained in the field of radiography work alongside the Radiologists and Radiographers where appropriate. The nursing team is overseen by the Sister in charge.

Our CT scanner, with attractive ceiling panels above

Further information

Please follow the link below for further information:

'CT/MR Scanner Suite'

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Northside MRI Unit


Please see below for a video about our new Northside MRI Unit.