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X-Ray Department

A wide variety of patients pass through the x-ray department; these include inpatients (from wards), out-patients from various clinics, G.P. patients and patients from the Accident and Emergency department (A&E).  With the exception of A&E and ward patients, all examinations are carried out by appointment only.  Clinic patients requiring x-rays without a pre assigned appointment may have to wait if the department is busy, as appointed patients take priority.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the hospital setting, there may be occasions where the appointments may be delayed due to unforeseen emergencies.


If you have been referred by your doctor or a specialist for an examination, they will, in most cases send us your imaging request form directly.  In this instance we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable appointment time.

If you have been given your imaging request form to take away, you should call the appropriate booking line where an appointment will either be arranged over the phone or you will be advised of the next step in booking an appointment.

Please ensure you bring the imaging request form with you to your appointment.  This is a legal document and will be required prior to your procedure being processed.  Without this form we are unable to perform your procedure.

Facilities - The department has a modern reception and waiting area where you can wait in comfort for your examination.  There is also a dedicated children’s play area and an area for wheelchairs. There are toilets and baby changing room within this waiting area.

Polite Request - We ask that patients are not accompanied by too many people as space can be limited especially when the department is busy.

Changing rooms and gowns

Patients are requested to wear clothes that can be easily removed from the area being imaged or clothes that do not have any metal or buttons on them.  You may be required to remove some articles of your clothing and jewellery before your procedure.  Changing rooms and gowns are provided within the department. The Radiographer or Imaging Department Assistant will advise you on which articles of clothing you may need to remove and will provide you with a gown to wear during your procedure.

Pregnancy - Due to the potential risk of radiation exposure to an unborn child it is important that Radiographers are informed if there is a possibility of the patient being pregnant.  All females of childbearing age undergoing examinations which cover the lower abdomen will be asked, in confidence, if there is a possibility of pregnancy.  They may also be asked to sign a declaration form stating that there is no possibility of pregnancy.

Consent and Chaperones

Verbal consent for any procedure will be requested prior to your examination taking place.  In some specific cases written consent will also be gained from you.  These consent forms will be explained to you before you are required to sign. 

All patients within the JPUH have a right to a chaperone being present whilst undergoing an examination.  Chaperones will always maintain your privacy and dignity.  If you are having an intimate examination a chaperone will automatically be provided.

Staffing within the Department

Consultant Radiologist - Doctors who have spent a further five years training in this speciality.  Each Radiologist has their own interest and speciality which provides a beneficial service to the hospital.

Radiographer - degree-trained professionals allied to medicine who are responsible for the imaging required.

Specialist Radiographer - Radiographers who have completed a higher level of education and training to a Post Graduate level in their specialist field.

Nurses - trained in the field of radiography work alongside the Radiologists and Radiographers where appropriate. The nursing team is overseen by the Sister in charge.

Assistant Practitioner – Qualified practitioner in radiography able to perform x-ray exams with limited scope.

IDA (Imaging Department Assistant) - assist Radiologists, Radiographers and Nurses throughout the whole of the Radiology Department with patient care.

Further information

Please follow the link below for further information: ‘X-Rays: How safe are they?’

Patient Information Leaflets

If you are to attend the department for a more specialised investigation further information will be sent with your appointment letter.