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Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00.
Telephone: 01493 452216 (or to cancel an appointment, 01493 452451)
Location: Department of Medicine, ground floor, north corridor.

The Rheumatology Service is for people with conditions which primarily affect the joints, bones and muscles.

We are a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses,and an occupational therapist. We work closely with community physiotherapists and podiatrists. The services we offer are almost all for out-patients.

We treat patients with inflammatory joint diseases and connective tissue diseases amongst some other bone and joint disorders. Conditions treated include

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Polymyalgia rheumatica
  • Giant cell arteritis
  • Vasculitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Metabolic bone disorders such as osteoporosis
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

Some people are treated and monitored with regular review (such as most people with Rheumatoid arthritis) and others receive expert assessment, diagnosis and advice before being discharged back to the GP for ongoing management (such as most people with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis)

Arthritis cannot be cured, but treatment continues to improve. For people developing Rheumatoid arthritis now, the types of medication available and the way in which they are used can dramatically reduce long-term problems, disability and loss of employment. We work with our patients, helping them to manage their condition. We prescribe medications, monitor changes, provide advice and help to solve some of the practical problems people may experience as a result of having arthritis.


What services are provided?

  • Consultant-led out-patient clinics
  • Joint injection clinics
  • Early Arthritis clinics
  • Nurse-led infusion service
  • Nurse-led medication education clinics
  • Nurse-led Anti-TNF assessment and monitoring service
  • Occupational Therapy – including splint provision, advice about looking after your joints and assessment of activities of daily living.

How can I get a referral?

You need to be referred by your GP to access the service.


Where is the department located?

Most out-patient appointments are located within the Department of Medicine.

One consultant out-patient clinic each week is located at Lowestoft hospital.

The Infusion Unit is situated on Ward 12.

Occupational Therapy appointments are held in the Therapy and Dietetics Department. One clinic each week is held at the Norfolk Coastal Centre for Independent Life (Red Cross), Woodfarm Lane, BeaconPark, Gorleston. Tel 01493 663626.



Key staff

Key staff


Dr Thomas

Dr Makkuni

Dr Marshall (Thursday mornings only)

Secretaries: Sheila Edmunds, Julie Symonds

Specialist Nurses: June Sunghuttee

Occupational Therapist: Sarah Small