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Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00.
Location: Main outpatient department (main entrance).

Norfolk's three acute hospitals now operate single clinical teams across all three sites (the James Paget, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Kings Lynn) to deliver urology services.

We provide a modern, comprehensive urology service, providing both an elective and emergency service.

One of the rooms in our Urology Unit - with an examination couch in the centre of a white-walled room, with a sink, bin, and medical equipment visible


Much of our in-patient work is performed as day cases. Our other patients who are expected to stay overnight or longer are admitted to ward 5 (male) or ward 9 (female). Children and adolescents are admitted to the surgical paediatric ward, ward 10b. 


There are nine fully equipped theatres within the operating suite, with one theatre devoted to surgical emergencies.

Urological surgery takes place in one dedicated theatre, which is fully equipped with the latest Storz endoscopes, and Wolf nephroscopes and ureteroscopes. We have a high power Holmium laser for the treatment of kidney stones and for performing laser prostatectomy (HoLEP) many of which are now done as day cases.

We offer a full range of upper tract laparoscopic (keyhole) kidney surgery, including laparoscopic adrenalectomy, and we have one of the shortest lengths of stay for laparoscopic kidney surgery in the East of England.

New Urology Unit

Our new Urology Unit was opened in January 2021. 

Based on our Day Care Unit, this bespoke space for Urology patients will primarily support around 50 patients per week undergoing cancer diagnostics, including cystoscopies.

The development of the Urology Unit has been funded by the Cancer Alliance. In addition, the Prostate Support Group has kindly donated a biopsy chair which will help us to undertake prostate biopsies in the unit very shortly.

Creation of this unit will enable us to move urological procedures out of other capacity, such as Endoscopy and Theatres, maximising the space available and helping us continue to treat all our patients in the most suitable environment.

Flexible cystoscopy and trans-rectal ultrasound of the prostate/prostate biopsy are carried out in a modern Endoscopy suite. We have a one-stop haematuria clinic, where patients who have been found to have blood in their urine undergo a full urological assessment in one visit. We also provide a mobile lithotripsy service for the treatment of kidney stones.

One of the rooms in our Urology Unit, with a grey coloured drawers unit along the far wall and a examination couch with foot rests in the middle

Outpatient Clinics, Flow clinics and Urodynamic studies

The Urology Clinics are situated in the main outpatient area. Specialised clinics have been developed in the field of andrology, female urology and oncology; these clinics are well supported by our Specialist Nurses.

Flow tests and urodynamic studies are also performed in the outpatient suite. We provide a complete service for the assessment and management of urinary incontinence. A one stop nurse led LUTS clinic has recently been set-up.

What services are provided?

  • Urological surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Flow clinics
  • Urodynamic studies


Where is the department located?

The Day Care Unit is located on the first floor of the hospital just off the north corridor.

Urology clinics take place in the main outpatient area, located on the ground floor of the hospital on the north corridor.

The Endoscopy Unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital opposite the main outpatient clinic.

Key staff

Key staff

Mr S Gupta (Clinical Lead)

Mr R Frymann

Mr G Suresh

Mr W Finch

Speciality Doctors: Mr Lokesh, Miss Jo Girling

Specialist Nurses: Angie Fenn, Wendy Keenan, Simon Bond, Mary Seehra