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Resuscitation Service

The Resuscitation Service provides clinical and professional leadership, by delivering resuscitation training to a wide range of clinical and non-clinical staff, from basic life support (BLS) to advanced life support (ALS), in adults and children. This training is also extended to the local GP Surgeries and dental practices.

As a University Hospital we provide clinical resuscitation skills training to University East Anglia (UEA) medical students.

The Resuscitation Officers are highly qualified clinical staff with recognised experience in emergency and critical care. Their role is both educational and clinical, where they are required to deliver resuscitation training to Trust employees, in line with current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines, and to attend clinical emergencies in order to provide clinical assistance to the critically unwell patient.

Their role also includes:
- Implementation, collection and data process of the Trust resuscitation audits including the National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA).
- Development of clinical research projects to improve the quality and delivery of resuscitation skills.

Members of the team also support colleagues with our public CPR training events.