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Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME)

We deliver and manage educational activities for all trainee doctors and provide support to their educational supervisors, consultants, SAS doctors and GPs.

The PGME Manager and administrative team work together with the Education Faculty to organise and monitor:

  • Curriculum based teaching programmes
  • Junior Doctor Induction Courses
  • Preparation for Professional Practice programme
  • Study leave
  • Career guidance, advice and counselling for doctors in training
  • Facilitation of e-portfolio
  • Education and Clinical supervision process

The Health Education East of England’s (HEEoE) Local Education and Training Board (LETB) agrees a contract with the Trust to provide education, training and supervision to ‘doctors in training’ to an agreed standard.

The HEEoE Director of Education & Quality Postgraduate Dean’s representative at the Trust is the Director of PGME, who has overall responsibility for developing medical and dental education within the Trust.

We are committed to meeting the required standards of regional and national medical education bodies and undertake this with the support of a trained Education Faculty. We make every effort to ensure that trainees progress to their next level of training.


Education Faculty Committee Meetings

The Education Faculty meets regularly with representation from junior medical staff at each of the education committee meetings. In addition regular Open Forums are held with junior medical staff.


PGME Administration Team           


Interim Medical Education Manager: Mrs Jackie Collison 01493 452466

Administrator: Mrs Jade Chapman 01493 452417

Administrator: Mrs Zoe Adcock 01493 453145

Administrator: Mrs Amie Hord 01493 453734

PGME Team:


Courses for Medical Staff

PGME organises the following courses:

Clinical Procedures Skills Course


Simulation Training

Assessor Training

Clinical Supervision Course

Assertiveness and Leadership Course

Communication Skills Training Courses

Faculty Development Training Course

Negotiating and Influencing Skills Course

Human Factors Training Course

Managing Complications in Cataract Surgery Course

Trabeculectomy Course

Laparoscopic Skills Course