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Education Faculty graphic which is a photo of a boardroom table and eight empty chairs in an office setting with the words Education Faculty in bold writing at the top of the image. 

Director of PGME

Dr Stephen Nirmal

Foundation Training Programme Directors

Dr Duncan Peacock  -  FY1 & FY2 FTPD

SAS Doctor's Tutor

Mr Balakrisanan Saravanan

GP Programme Directors

Dr Jen Gan, Dr Rebecca Udeh and Dr Pieter Mackeith 

Physician Associate Learning Facilitator (Students)

Dr Raman Srinivasan

Physician Associate Tutor

Leena Krishnan


Specialty tutors

Anaesthetics Dr Lalani Induruwage
Emergency Medicine Dr Jim Crawfurd
Ear, Nose & Throat Mr Carl Philpott
ICU Dr James Garvey
Medicine Dr Litza Vera
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr Abigail Derbyshire
Ophthalmology Mr Daniel Pharoah
Orthopaedics Adeolu Adeyeye 
Paediatrics Dr Himal Gurung 
Psychiatry Dr James Miller
Surgery Mr Bence Atkari