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Heading - Education and Practice DevelopmentThe James Paget University NHS Foundation Trust is committed to delivering high quality, consistent care and education provides the foundation to do this.

The Education and Practice Development department provides education to all groups of clinical staff. The team support learners from the moment they join the trust as students and new recruits and is made up of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in health care.

Evidence shows that staff who are provided with education and training are more confident in their roles. We deliver education using a variety of approaches to embrace different styles of learning and needs. Collaborative working also takes place with local universities and educational establishments to ensure the best programmes are developed and delivered in relation to patient and service needs.

The Education and Practice development department provides teaching for both mandatory requirements and bespoke clinical needs. All clinical staff have access to in house training and additional funds to support continuing professional development. The department work strategically developing policies and procedures for many skills.

Education and Practice Development is crucial to help staff provide quality care. We aim to ensure appropriate resources are used in the best way to deliver education and training to all clinical staff that will benefit patients.