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INMPP: Nursing, Midwifery and AHP Research

Innovations in Nursing, Midwifery (and Allied Health Professional) Practice Project (INMPP)

The Innovations in Nursing and Midwifery Practice Project is a £320,000 project originally funded by the Strategic Health Authority, aimed at encouraging and developing ideas from our nurses and midwives that will improve patient care.

The project, which started in 2009, is undertaken in partnership between the JamesPagetUniversityHospital and the University of East Anglia (UEA). We recognise that nurses, midwives and AHPs are highly influential in the patient experience and we want to capitalise on their skills to ‘make things better’ for patients in their care. This project will enable them to receive the support they require to put their ideas into action and to evaluate their projects to see how effective they have been.

There is no other project like this in the East of England, where a systematic approach to capturing the ideas of nurses and midwives is being undertaken. 


Steering Group

Claire Gibbs, Senior Clinical Research Nurse, INMPP JPUH Trust Lead

Dr Jenny Moore, University of East Anglia

Dr Kenda Crozier, University of East Anglia

Karen Reavell, Research and Development Manager

Jacky Copping, Lead Nurse, Emergency Division

Kath Kite, Public Member,

Lynn Everett, Critical Care Research and Audit Nurse

Basia Brown, Research Facilitator

Beverly Chilson, Senior Palliative Care Occupational Therapist (representing physiotherapy and occupational therapy)

Sharon Crowle, Head of Education & Practice Development

Cheryl Phillips, Research Co-ordinator

Justine Goodwin, Paediatric Matron.