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Supporting Departments Research Team Members

The Pharmacy Team - Judith, Karl and Susanne

Pharmacy team

Susanne Beedham, Clinical Pharmacist

Karl Jolly, Pharmacy Technician

Judith Smith, Pharmacy Technician


Haematology team

Dr Shalal Sadullah, Consultant Haematologist

Dr Cesar Gomez, Consultant Haematologist

Dr Manzoor Mangi, Consultant Haematologist

Rachel Conway, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Sara Picton-Davies, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Donna-Gene Tolman, Haematology Research Nurse

Vacancy, Haematology Administrator and Data co-ordinator


Oncology team

Dr Ulrike Dernedde, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Venkat Mehadevan, Trust Cancer Lead

Dr Adrian Harnett, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Debashis Biswas, Consultant Oncologist

Adele Cooper, Clinical Trial Practitioner

Victoria License, Clinical Trial Practitioner

Sharon Walton, Clinical Trial Practitioner

Jo Worley, Clinical Trial Practitioner

Cheryl Websdale, Clinical Trial Practitioner

Jeremy Rake, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tony George, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Louise Cunningham, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tracey Beakley, Clinical Nurse Specialist


Pathology team

Helen Burwood, Pathology / Laboratory Technician


Radiology team

Kalpesh Ellis, Radiographer

Nabil Mahmood, Consultant Radiologist.